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    sd gross

    Annexing Mexico Ii

    Ready to Give it a Try?

    What better way to solve the illegal immigration problem than to annex Mexico, give it commonwealth status, and turn all those illegals into instant legals? No more surreptitious sneaking back and forth, no more sucking off our colonial teats, no more bitter, largely uneducated, "second class" citizens depleting resources that are under another country's stewardship, no more avoiding taxes and sneering in the face of the USA legal system by making a dash for the border. After all, if we're truly the Land of Plenty, lets acommodate the "tired, poor and huddled masses yearning to be free".

    Mexico is largely a lush, sprawling land of rich diversity and tremendous natural resources. All we have to do is 'adopt' Mexico and it's citizenry, rid the country of it's corrosives, toxins, gangsters, murderers, political corruption, and unbridled mayhem, make it a bit more hygenic, ecologically responsible, and less polluting, mandate that it take concepts such as civil liberties, womens rights and kindness to other creatures more seriously, and reevaluate its National priorities.

    No more fences, or slinking across the border via the Coyote more of this macho, bad boy Sureno vs Norteno more greedy vicious cartels terrorizing folks with impunity.

    The Mexican people would gain legal status and all the benefits and responsibilities that go along with it, and not only would This Land be Your Land, but That Land would be Your Land too. And of course This Land, as well as That Land would also be Their Land. If English-speaking Canada can tolerate (and coexist with) Quebec, than we should be able to swing a deal with Mexico. After all, we're already a bilingual country - look at much of our signage and packaging!

    And if you think the U.S. annexing Mexico isn't such a great idea, perhaps Mexico would like to annex us.
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