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    Scott McKeown's Avatar
    Scott McKeown

    Commending the Sebastopol Police Department

    I would like to give a shout out to the Sebastopol Police Department for being on top of handling a series of four recent violent events in our community. Barry has just posted an article from the PD highlighting the Sebastopol community's relative ignorance of these occurrence. As one Sebastopol area resident, I appreciate that our community police officers made arrests in every one of these situations.

    The behavior of the young people, in each of these four incidences, was TOTALLY UNCOOL. A person in Ives Park was shot. SHOT! In Ives Park.
    At 3:20 in the afternoon.

    Let's please acknowledge two things:
    1) Police officers have a thankless job, but when you need them, you really need them. Thankfully, they are on the job 24/7 working for all of us to make our community safer.
    2) It is disturbing to hear that some young people from our community were compelled to participate in this kind of violent and dangerous activity. What can we do -- as a community -- so that this these young people feel more engaged to participate in a creative process of forming their own future in a more positive way?

    These recent events speak to the heart of who we are as a community.

    Scott McKeown

    A week of violence in Sebastopol puts the focus on gang activity

    Last Modified: Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 6:29 p.m.
    Two Sebastopol teens were in custody Wednesday, suspected of attempted murder for firing a shotgun into a group of teens and young adults at a downtown park Tuesday afternoon.

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    The shooting culminates a week of violence in the west county town that is putting the focus on suspected gang activity.
    “The level of violence we're having...the shotgun (shooting) tops off the week,” Sgt. Mike Nielsen said.
    Crimes have been reported in the downtown area and at least half of the crimes have gang members as suspects.
    In the shooting, one 23-year-old Sebastopol man suffered wounds to his arm and body from the shotgun pellets, all minor injuries Sgt. Mike Nielsen said.
    A motive for the Ives Memorial Park shooting remained under investigation Wednesday.
    Other incidents include a sexual assault at Analy High School a week ago Wednesday night.
    Last Thursday four south county gang members were stopped in a stolen car and were discovered carrying weapons; one wore a ski mask.
    Saturday a gang member under the influence of alcohol allegedly took a dry wall hatchet to a parked police patrol car.
    Arrests were made in each case.
    Tuesday's incident was the only one involving gunfire. At about 3:20 p.m. a black Scion drove into the parking lot of the Sebastopol Veterans Memorial Building, adjacent to the park, a redwood tree-studded area on the west side of downtown Sebastopol.
    A shotgun blast was fired from the car toward parked cars and a group of teens and young adults hanging out on the grass, Nielsen said.
    People scattered and police were called.
    Information led officers to the home of Alexander Protassieff, 18, at about 2:20 a.m. Wednesday, where he was arrested. Just before 5 a.m., officers arrested a 17-year-old at his Sebastopol home.
    Officers also located a 2006 Scion believed to have been driven by the shooters, Nielsen said.
    Protassieff was taken to Sonoma County Jail without bail. The juvenile went to Sonoma County Juvenile Hall. Police did not release his name because of his age.
    In the earlier crimes, a 17-year-old girl walking to her car at Analy Dec. 2 following a school band concert was attacked, police reported. They arrested Joshua James Simon, 18, of Sebastopol who was arraigned on several charges including assault to commit rape.
    Late Thursday night, two teens from Rohnert Park and two from Petaluma, ages 17 and 16, were stopped driving the wrong way on a one-way downtown Sebastopol street.
    The Mercedes Benz they were travelling in had been stolen from Rohnert Park, Nielsen said.
    A search of the car turned up a concealed dagger, metal knuckles and pepper spray.
    They were arrested on several charges including suspicion of car theft, possessing dangerous weapons and participating in a criminal street gang.
    They were taken to juvenile hall.
    At about 4 p.m. Saturday, a young man with a sweatshirt wrapped around his head smashed windows of a Sebastopol patrol car with a roofing hatchet.
    Officers found Sebastopol resident Carlos Remigio Onofre, 19, in the area and arrested him on suspicion of felony vandalism. He was suspected of being drunk at the time and told officers he had attacked the car because of his gang affiliation, Nielsen said.
    Onofre remained in jail Wednesday in lieu of $12,500 bail.
    Nielsen asked anyone with information regarding the shooting to contact officers at 829-4400.
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    Thad's Avatar

    Re: Commending the Sebastopol Police Department

    For every despicable criminal they are still young people, remember that and let your justice systems reflect that...

    There's a great payoff in setting yourself off so righteously different from a criminal, but they are still redeemable...
    Last edited by Barry; 01-11-2010 at 11:18 AM.
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    Re: Commending the Sebastopol Police Department

    Despite some of the other officers on the force...Officer Connor and Chief Weaver are excellent, and very well informed.

    This incident happened because the 23 year old told those "thugs" to take their drugs elsewhere(Should get a medal for that really, need more people around to stop these new generation of pillpoppers. The police can only do so much). If you think there are sebastopol...that are from sebastopol. You need to go live in the city for a you can tell the difference.

    This is merely a case of very stupid young people who think they are the rappers they idolize. People make there own reality, and now they are "hard" and will serve time. And have their entire lives ruined.

    You really have to try to think back to what was cool when you were growing up. Grand theft auto IV and rappers who get shot or imprisoned are the new idols of many young adults who dont realize they have to live until they are 80. Or who sometimes dont want to live past 40.

    Ives park is safe...sebastopol is safe...And thinking that there are scary gang members who are gonna get you is the most ignorant and funny thing you could possibly think.

    Just because they emmulate hip hop...doesnt mean they are gang members. Go visit san quentin if you wanna see GANG members. They are young...they are rebellious...some of them stand out more and do really stupid things. Dont even try and judge people who you have never met.

    Should go check that bible of yours and read up on what jesus would do.

    And the most important thing you can do is just remember that these "gang" members are probably one of your friends kids. Or associate...small town ya know?

    BUT BIG THANKS TO WEAVER! Glad someone around this town understands the youth enough to know whats going on. You should read his statements on the situation. He even says that it had nothing to do with gang activity.

    And cheers to Sebtown PD, may they get some DESERVED respect. Instead of complaints. Should start a bake sale or something to donate money to these guys.
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    Re: Commending the Sebastopol Police Department

    I would like to start off by pointing out that this post is NOT about nit-picking the original poster. I would just like to point out the fact that:

    a) These are a collection of (I'm counting) 3 or 4 distinctly different cases. I hope this hasn't confused any of the readers. I think it gives a good effect though. It really delivers the feeling of "This is what's happening in our town!" kind of message.

    b) there / their/ they're

    c) People really don't give cops the credit that they deserve. They always say how "They keep bugging me instead of going after real crime!" but what they don't realize is that you are simply ONE person that a cop sees throughout their 10-16 hour work day. You have a job? Can you relate?

    It's like when you see those "disgruntled" customers in your retail job such as Taco Bell. You know how there is kind of a "ranking' system that separates the 'good' customers from the 'bad' and 'realllly bad' ones?

    Blow that up about twenty times and you can begin to imagine the daily life of a police officer.

    By the by, I happen to be friends with the guy who got shot. It wasn't his arm, he got shot in the BUTT. I'm dead serious. He almost didn't go to the hospital. Hung out at my neighbor's and asked me to get medical equipment before I hastely replied "Go to the damn hospital!"

    And yes, those people who drove up and shot a shotgun into a crowd of people are indeed thugs. And yes, they have been convicted of attempted murder and are locked up.

    So read this article with a grain of salt and know the facts.

    Good day!

    ~True Writing
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