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    A New Challenge By The National Wildlife Federation To All Sonoma County Residents!

    Sonoma County residents have been challenged in a contest by the National Wildlife Federation to certify the MOST wildlife habitats between now and August 31, 2006 between our county and three other counties.

    So here is the plan:
    Right now we have over 200 certified backyard wildlife habitats in Sonoma County as a result of our project. Sonoma County is the third county-wide wildlife habitat project in the WHOLE UNITED STATES recognized nationally by the National Wildlife Federation and is acknowledged by the NWF on their website. We have been challenged to be the County which gets the most wildlife habitats certified during this time period in a challenge between Sonoma County and Fidalgo Island, Anacortes, WA, Montclair, NJ, and Winter Haven, FL. We have been given a number of items to use in a raffle to help to encourage residents of Sonoma County to enter this challenge with us.

    Here's what we need to do:
    1) Check out and follow the links to certify your yard, business, school, local park, or acreage with the National Wildlife Federation.
    2) Send us a copy of what you submitted to them (keeping it simple on the application).
    3) Once we have your copy we will enter it into a drawing with the grand prizes being:
    EIGHT SEPARATE PRIZES of COPIES of: The CD that National Wildlife Federation has given to us of: LANIUS SOFTWARE: NORTH AMERICAN BIRD REFERENCE BOOK. This CD is interactive: You can use it to see which birds live in our area, what they sound like, see the breeding patterns, wintering behavior, and year-round distributional ranges of the birds on a North American map. These CD's are excellent references for those who love wildlife habitat gardening!

    If we win the most certified sites we will be additionally raffling for a signed copy of David Mizejewski's book "Attracting Birds and Butterflies and other Backyard Wildlife", some individual Metal Certification Signs for those who win to post on their properties, and other NWF gifts.

    Letís do it together to make Sonoma County Nationally recognized as a wildlife habitat-loving region. The goal for us to make all Sonoma County a place that recognizes the needs of native wildlife and a place that is intent on preserving native plants. Please remember that one of the NWF requirements is to provide water which can be done very simply by putting out a shallow dish of water for birds, butterflies and other gentle creatures to drink from. Unfortunately we as a society think in terms of creating ideal sites, but what we are hoping you consider is that learning to create wildlife habitat is a journey that we are on. Once you have just the basics there is always more you can learn and do to take care of the natural habitat we have here in this region. So we want to encourage you to go ahead and sign up to join us in this journey and become apart of this contest. It is easier than you think! Check out our website at: and follow the link to The Sonoma County Wildlife Habitat Project. For more info: Contact us at: [email protected] or give us a call: (707) 887-8129 M-F 9AM until Noon (Message hours). Itís time to jump into this project and make a difference!
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