Best Family Investor’s proposed grape processing facility in Sebastopol

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Stop the winery

Editor: To my Sonoma County Board of Supervisors:

Regarding the Best Family Investor’s proposed grape processing facility in Sebastopol; I call upon you to vote no to the proposed 35,000 square foot grape processing facility being proposed along the designated scenic corridor at the intersection of Hwy. 116 and Occidental Road in Sebastopol. I live on Atkinson Road which also borders the project. Despite the very strong objections of the forty plus people who attended the planning commission meeting Aug. 6, the commission voted for everything the applicants asked for and more.

I urge you as my elected representatives to halt this project. It is certainly not compatible with the existing residential neighborhood as evidenced by the unanimous opposition at the hearing. If the project did fit, there would be no need to amend the General Plan, rezone the parcel, throw out the set back allowances, create special use permits, etc. etc. etc ...

The county itself requires a minimum parcel of ten acres for the new zoning request. The proposed site is only 7.6 acres. It has 75 percent of the minimum requirement. Back when I went to school that was a D. I have no problem with the environmental wizardry being proposed for the project. I can only stand in awe and applaud toilets that cost $2,000 and flush with a teaspoon of foam but that does not change the basic fact that the project does not fit on this site and the neighborhood does not want it.

This project grants special and unprecedented privileges to a small group of investors while ignoring the rights of the people who live in the neighborhood and are complying with the existing General Plan and the existing zoning laws. We are not asking the county for any special favors. I only charge the county to follow the existing General Plan, uphold the existing zoning laws and respect the county’s own land designation for this area which is rural residential. This project is a classic example of trying to force a square peg through a round hole.

Please protect my rights. Protect the public’s rights. Vote NO.

- Thomas Morabito, Sebastopol