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>> The War On Terrorism, Part 3
>> Bonnie Faulkner interviews Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics at
>> the University of Ottawa, author of "America's War On Terrorism."
>> Chossudovsky provides extensive documentation of the fabricated nature of
>> the War On Terrorism, ala Orwell's 1984.
>> Topics include:
>> •Deconstructing the fabled cell phone calls supposedly made from the
>> planes on the morning of 9/11, including evidence that the 9/11
>> Commission fabricated, at least partially, transcripts of the calls.
>> Calls tracked against plane altitude prove the impossibility of
>> connecting to cell towers.
>> •The militarization of civilian institutions and the use of "terror
>> excercises" and simulated terrorist attacks in creating a consensus among
>> top civilian officials that the threat is real and imminent, such that
>> when any real or fabricated attack occurs they will already be of the
>> mindset to allow the establishment of martial law, with programs and
>> protocols already in place (TOPOFF excercises).
>> •The use of color-coded "terror alerts" to condition the population to
>> expect the eventuality of code red status, with the establishment of
>> martial law, the suspension of civil liberties, etc. Transfer of power
>> from civilian authorities to military (Northern Command, or NORTHCOM) via
>> Continuity of Government plans.
>> •The strange coincidence of military, intelligence and contractor
>> anti-terror exercises that exactly mirrored the attacks on 9/11 in NYC
>> and 7/7 in London, on the SAME DAY, and some even at the same time.
>> •The statements of former CIA official John Loftus regarding the fact
>> that the London bombing suspects are assets of British intelligence.
>> Evidence of many ties between so-called al Qaeda agents and plans and
>> U.S., British, Israeli and Pakistani intel agencies.
>> ...and much more...