I originally posted this as an addendum to Making "DISCOVERIES" over in the Inspiration & Gratitude Section, but I feel it holds more weight here in the Conscious Relationship Thread on it's own. [Click here to read the Making "DISCOVERIES" thread >https://www.waccobb.net/forums/inspi...html#post95585

Many times in my Adult Life when I run head long into an obstacle, or show an error of judgment or act without thinking, it is usually only the consequences of these actions that taught myself things. Many of us are oblivious to what we do unless we are either rewarded or punished.

When we change our lingo from making mistakes to Making Discoveries, we are more focused on the cause and not the symptom.

I have often apologized too quickly and only focus on the symptom and not what the underlying cause that got me there was. Many of us are guilty as charged of that minor offense. Yes we are sorry, but why? Are we sorry cause we did wrong and do not want to suffer the consequences? Are we genuinely sorry and will take what ever is given to us?

The act of discovery is the uncovering of truth. This takes a lot more time than just saying you are sorry you hurt someone. It allows you to think about how they may have felt about an awkward situation. It allows you to understand where someone else is coming from and why they feel how they do. It gives you the opportunity to really think about and feel out what you did and how to change it.

Not to take anything away from a genuine "AH HA!" moment where you discover instantly you were in Error. In those times a sorry and genuine concern is needed. No matter the outcome, the fact you saw it, realized it and are fixing it as it happens, is far different than getting caught or simply treating a Big Discovery as a minor mistake.

When we learn it is our responsibility to take those consequences, and then maybe later assess them after working on those issues, Then we made a positive discovery, and may earn the acceptance of our apologies and reap the rewards. Those rewards will come maybe not from when, where or even who we expect them from, but they will come.