Varda, you are the market manager? I thought it was Paula...? In any case, the market is great and it's a good place to get veggie starts for your garden too!

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Just so you know - last Sunday was a bit rainy and gray and some people thought that the market might not be open. We are ALWAYS there for you, RAIN or SHINE. I have been the market manager since 1994 and I can only remember two times that it was raining so hard that we closed early. We just bring the margheritas in bad weather!

This Sunday is Motherís Day - maybe you want to treat mom to a morning at the market - Mateoís delicious, amazing breakfast offerings, perhaps? OR a taste of India from Lata? OR pizza for breakfast?

Handcarfted gifts too for Mom (jewelry and more), a friend or you, come browse!

We have two musical gifts for you - The Rag Tag Band and Morris Dancers.

If you are doing the cooking for mom, spring food is plentiful - asparagus, strawberries, rhubarb, beautiful lettuces, carrots, radishes, amazing pork roasts from Black Sheep Farm and lovely halibut from Bumble Bee Fish. Donít forget flowers - sweet peas and iris are plentiful and make a person happy.

See you at the market on Sunday! Town Plaza in Sebastopol - 10:00 to 1:30. For more information call Paula at 522-9305 or email [email protected].