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    transition of life the loss of a friend and community member

    The other day when i heard a woman had lost her life to a fallen tree i thought about Jamie for a moment but thought no. Then yesterday when reading the front page of the Press Democrat........i found myself facing her name and picture and realized that it was her. Immediate sadness, shock dismay how could it, re-reading to make sure it was really Jamie. It was. Having just spoken to her last week i faced an immediately reality that conversations will no longer be. Seeing each other at community gatherings or Whole Foods no longer. Telephone calls no longer to be answered and long late night more. Catching up on what has been transpiring in our lives never to be shared again. Such a hard reality we face as a human beings when one is so quickly removed from our lives. I don't remember ever seeing a manual on the deep feeling that come with this and what to do with other then just be able to feel their depth.

    Here is a woman, mother, sister, friend community member who left her home for a ritual of being in nature, something that called forth each and every day. 30 seconds one way or another would have kept her to answer the next phone call to catch up and touch in.........but those 30 seconds now are just what many what ifs..........yet none can change what is. Time did not wait.........the tree and forces of nature did not wait........destiny did not wait whether we can understand it or not it does not matter to time.
    Jamie was a very special and unique character in my life as each conversation showed her zeal for learning and growing and being tenacious in finding facts. She would share for hours about the importance of food in her life only bringing home things that were grown chemical free and posed no threat to her or her sons greater health. She loved Weston Price foundation and always was willing to share recipes and all she could so that everyone in her life could embrace wellness. Never once unwilling to share what knowledge she had gained. Through her quest for finding love and happiness Jamie embraced all she could for the betterment of her and son. Talking to her at times was like listening the story of the Goldy Locks and the Three Bears. This one was too soft, this one was too hard doing all she could to find the one that was just right. Her main quest was to protect her and her son from what she saw as the harshness of life. When we spoke and i said a certain phrase or word she many times would come back and said see you learned that from watching too much television...and she was right. Most of all i remember a woman who never wanted to be complacent and instead embraced and found all that life could offer her no matter what the resource available her quests went on....all of this now just memories never to be repeated..........the ending..of ones life, the living onward of memories the legacies left behind............

    i know Jamie will always be watching over her son David and his father John continuing to do what she can as she always has..................

    in memory and love of Jamie Kuhle...........a friend, a member of our community and a very special person to have known and will be missed dearly.

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    Re: transition of life the loss of a friend and community member

    I just met Jamie, last summer, at the farmers market. I really liked her.
    We had only a few very nice conversations and I am very sorry not to have been able to get to know her better.. I recently saw her at a friend's birthday party and we had a short but significant and meaningful conversation. I found out she had been very close to a friend of mine, who also died very suddenly and too early. She missed him very much. My inner experiences have led me to believe that life continues.

    My sympathy and best wishes to her loved ones.


    Quote tacitus wrote: View Post
    The following poem was sent me this morning - I'm a member of Larry Robinson's list:

    Last Breath

    … just walking
    in the wet light of morning,
    all your joys and heartaches
    shattered by a wind-felled oak

    -- your upturned umbrella
    filling with rain

    - Andrew Zarrillo
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