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    Kathleen Shaffer

    Shop & Dine Sebastopol

    When you shop for the holidays, and every day of the year, let's all patronize our local businesses. The news about the economy is gloomy, but we can lift our spirits by supporting our local economy. Next week "Buy Local" banners will be displayed around town and businesses will have "Buy Local" signs in their windows. Shop or dine in all corners of the city. Our support will be greatly appreciated and will help our city government.

    The Senior Center Newletter will publish the list of businesses offering senior discounts, and you can add to that list the new Miller's Chocolate Emporium and Silk Moon. Inquire at the stores for details.

    Happy Shopping and Holidays

    Kathleen Shaffer
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    Deborah's Avatar

    Re: Shop & Dine Sebastopol

    Yes, Absolutely, I whole heartedly agree. Cheers!

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