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    Alysson Wonderland

    ENOUGH re property taxes in the 5th District

    Hello, all.
    It appears that both candidates for Supervisor in the 5th District have paid their taxes.
    We all know that it's very important to have all the facts before broadcasting what might end up not being true, and each one of us must take responsibility for not sending out false information.
    We all know that paying property taxes is the responsible thing to do, and both these candidates have discharged those obligations honorably.
    I hope that we can end the conversation about this issue and look to the future of our county and our country.
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    Re: ENOUGH re property taxes in the 5th District

    I think the reason it boiled over this late is because it was the key attack being presented against Rue, and the irony is a little much to discover that Efren had late taxes for 2 years. Enough said.

    The weeks of posts have wandered all over the issues, funders, supporters, etc. I think that an underlying truth is that there are not enough hands to do the work that needs to be done. I believe, in these complicated times, that Rue's experience and breadth are going to be key to the District. Particularly given the recent Court decision that ripped the policy guts out of the the KEY document for long term water supply planning for the County. She is ready now, for what needs to be done now. She doesnt always need to confer with the experts; on a lot of the pending problems, Rue IS an expert. In slower simpler times, on-the-job learning might work, but we do not live in such times, nor do I see them on the near horizon.

    Efren got the support he did because those folks KNEW they had no traction with Rue. The staggering disparity in endorsements (Rue with environ/labor/housing/etc and Efren with development/business) is in part because Efren has no record. The endorsement pattern is identical to the endorsements/funding in the Zane/Wright race in the 3d District. In Sharon's case it's primarily because of her track record (which drew the development money), and I suspect the same is true in the 5th relative to Rue's 30 years of activism (which sent that same money to Efren).

    But why reduce the choice to all or nothing? Efren's greatest liability is his youth and lack of experience. Its also his greatest asset over time for a future of serving the County. So dont make Efren a monster, or isolate him, because he "hung out with the wrong crowd". The progressives in this County need to show him (and upcoming folks like him) the alternatives, mentor him with people who arent driven by taking FROM the County (ie gravel, timber, etc.) but who instead want to GIVE to the County.

    Efren's father and I waved and smiled at each other this AM as we held up signs for our candidates in downtown Sebastopol. Elections dont have to poison people or forever mark them. I think Efren was naive and had his ego manipulated by the Koenigshofer/Tibbetts/Bosco attentions. So do something about it, and show him other choices and opportunities. And not just him, but remember the importance of particularly bringing the next generation of leaders forward, but give them broad training/experience, so they can be prepared when they step forward. And we always benefit from more hands to do the heavy lifting.

    Scot Stegeman
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