......and you are a VBM (vote by mail) voter, don't turn in your ballot at a polling place on "E" Day, Nov 4th!
Your vote will be counted in the 28 day period following Election Day, if you turn your VBM ballot in on Election Day at a polling place.
To have your vote tallied Election Night, mail it in NOW or take it to one of the drop off locations this weekend.
These locations & times are printed on the yellow slip that came with your VBM ballot.
Don't mail it after Oct 30, as it will not count at all.
Sonoma County has the largest number of registered voters in history...250,000 (out of 330,000 possible)...so everyone's pretty excited about this election!

.......and from a neighbor...this may help (or not) if you're ruminating over your choices...there are a LOT!

"Here are recommendations from League of Women Voters
(https://ca.lwv.org/action/prop0811/index.html), compared to Sierra Club
(https://www.sierraclubcalifornia.org/) and Calif Democratic Party
(https://www.cadem.org/site/c.jrLZK2PyHmF/b.4213689/), and the Green Party


1A: No Yes Yes Neutral
2:neutral Yes Yes Yes
3: Yes Yes neutral No
4: No No No No
5: Yes Yes neutral Yes
6: No No neutral No
7: No No No No
8: No No neutral No
9: No No neutral No
10: No NEUTRAL No No
11: Yes No neutral No
12: Neutral Yes neutral Yes **
[Q: Yes, none of the parties took a position on Q]" but I voted NO.