Here are some aspects about you I am requesting (my facts follow this part):

Please live in or very close (within 25 miles) to Sebastopol.

Please be between about 50 and 64 years old. Please be happy to date and be in a relationship with a woman who is over 50.

Please be single, legally and completely free to enter a new relationship. Please be internally ready for a significant relationship.

Please be open to getting to know and be with a woman by more important criteria than physical appearance.

Please be psychologically healthy (e.g., be generally stable and reasonably upbeat, and not have to be on psychotropic/antidepressant medication in order to function).

Please have some kind of meditation, spiritual practice or active path that is important to you in your daily life and that is harmonious with Buddhism.

Please be humorous, intelligent, creative, well-read and articulate.

Please be tender, unflinchingly honest, completely loyal, spontaneously kind, appropriately and seriously sensuous.

Please be somewhat off the beaten track.

Please do not be obsessed with (and preferably not even have any) motorcycles, fancy sports cars, dope, cigarettes or alcohol.

Here are some facts about me:

I'm 54 and single. My son is 28 and lives in NYC with his fiancee.

I like romantic, funny, sweet movies, or adventures without a lot of blood or fight scenes. I read a lot and I like many kinds of music; I play the piano and like to sing (but not opera).

I like to cook, but am not a baker or fancy cook.

I like to talk, listen, discuss, analyze, and understand. Quantum physics, psychology, spirituality, human emotion, and other deep topics interest me greatly.

I'm moderately good at and like to play word games (Scrabble, Palabra, crosswords), some kinds of cards, and chess.

I'm wildly funny, intelligent, tender, kind, loyal, honest, and caring.

I love water: ocean, river, pond, lake, creek, pool. I swim several times/week.

I meditate daily and have an ongoing Buddhist spiritual practice and path which is central to my life and values. I was raised Jewish and do not practice the religion but am culturally and comfortably Jewish. Nu?

I am devoted to and love my work, which includes service to youth and schools, and improving children's lives by reducing violence and increasing peace and compassion. I work with great people and would like to talk about my work with someone who is also liking what they do and would like to talk about that with me.

I want to get to know a potential partner by dating, talking, spending time together as well as online and on the phone, enjoying a friendship and companionship, and letting that develop at its own pace into a more intimate connection. I believe that love lives in our hearts and THEN our bodies.... and, it's great to include the physical aspect of intimacy when it feels right, so I would look forward to that with great enthusiasm!

I'm open to being with either a man or a woman, as long as that person is open to being with a bisexual woman (me).
(NOTE: I am not confused; I am not uncertain. I am not polyamorous; I'm monogamously bisexual. I am stable clear-headed, relaxed and happy about my identity.)
At this point in my life, I'm somewhat more interested in men, but I'm more interested in the person than his/her gender..... It's more about electricity than plumbing, for me!

If, by now, you're still reading and believe we might be compatible, please write.

If not, good luck!