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What You Can Do To Prevent Another Stolen Election

There's really only one way to prevent another stolen race, and that's to focus national attention on the revelations of whistle-blower Stephen Spoonamore, who's lately been revealing all we need to know about the Bush regime's conspiracy to rig the vote from 2000 to the present. Spoonamore knows all the principals in this conspiracy, has been dealing with them for some time, and has a trove of emails, etc., to back up what he says.

There have been several other whistle-blowers on this front, but none is as compelling as he is--not just because he knows about the whole plot overall, but also because he is (a) a Republican, (b) an erstwhile member of the McCain campaign (he quit some months ago, when he discovered what they have planned) and (c) a prominent and well-respected expert on computer fraud. Detection of such fraud is, in fact, his specialty.

Spoonamore has named the man who was Karl Rove's IT guru from 2000 until sometime last year: Mike Connell, a pro-life zealot who told Spoonamore that he had helped the Bush regime subvert elections "to save the babies." (The actual nuts and bolts of the election fraud machinery are largely in the hands of Christianist fanatics, who have done whatever Karl Rove asked them to.) Connell's fingerprints are thick on every dubious election of the last eight years--not just the presidential races, but Gov. Don Siegelman's stolen re-election in Alabama in '02, Sen. Max Cleland's in Georgia that same year, and many others.

Spoonamore's testimony is the driving force behind a RICO lawsuit in Ohio. The lawyers handling it--Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis--are terrific, and they have a game plan that provides us with some hope. They intend to order depositions of Karl Rove, Connell, Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney and all the other major perpetrators of Bush/Cheney's (and McPalin's) fraud. Since this is a civil case, those guys can't weasel out of it (cf. Paula Jones); and in any case a number of them (including Connell, whom Rove has lately threatened with reprisals if he doesn't take the rap) want to testify. Also, the judge happens to be highly principled, which is a godsend.

So the best thing we can do is help to spread the word about what Spoonamore knows, first of all, and, no less, to get those depositions out there once they're taken.

What I urge people to do is to donate whatever they can spare to Velvet Revolution, the non-profit that is raising money for the suit. It was Velvet Revolution that got Spoonamore to open up, and he also has other sources with a lot to say. In order to conduct these depositions, and to fight off all of the inevitable legal challenges thereto, they're going to need as large a war chest as possible. So if you can donate to that, it would be great. (I've had some fair success in raising funds for them so far, but they need more.)