Dear friends and community,

We are excited and delighted to finally offer our weekly Couples' Support Group, which was in the making since last fall...
This is an opportunity to deepen your intimate relationship, as well as open it to a community of supportive, like minded couples.

We intend to start this group either Wednesday, the 18th or Thursday, the 19th (from 7 to 9:30pm). Please let us know which (or if both) evenings work for you.
Following is more information and our phone numbers, which we encourage you to call to explore the possibilities!

We strongly believe that world peace starts with one-on-one relationships. Join us to start the peace-ball rolling...
In blessing,
DeAnna and Sahar

Couples Support group

As a culture, we don't discuss our relationships much. We discuss our children, politics, spiritual beliefs, but not our supporting foundation: our intimate relationships. DeAnna and Sahar's vision is to create a community of couples where support is offered not only by trained facilitators, but is also exchanged by peers.

To that end we offer weekly support groups as a forum where couples can nurture themselves and deepen their connection. The group is designed to create a foundation of safety and trust where couples learn a common language to address issues skillfully, as they arise. It is an opportunity for deepening the bond with our mate and our community.

The support group will assist couples in putting what they have learned into practice towards making healthy relating patterns a second nature. We'll create a "buddy" system, where couples may be matched by location of home, work, the sharing of hobbies or some other predominant similarities. The buddies may meet outside of our weekly sessions to strengthen their relationships through greater inclusion and sharing of ongoing processes.

We ask that participants commit to an initial group of 8 weekly meetings (2.5 hours each). After which time, couples can continue on a month-to-month basis. The weekly cost is $50.00 per couple (with 6 to 8 couples) or $65.00 per couple (with 4 to 5 couples).

We warmly look forward to our journey together,

DeAnna - 823-5659 Sahar - 824-1796