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New report finds majority of Americans want solar power

Washington, D.C., June 19, 2008 -- A recent poll has found that a majority of Americans, across all political parties, support development and funding of solar energy. According to the study, ninety-one percent of Republicans, 97 percent of Democrats and 98 percent of Independents agree that developing solar power is vital to the United States.

The findings were reported in the SCHOTT Solar Barometer, a survey conducted by the polling firm Kelton Research.

The survey revealed that 77 percent of Americans feel that the development of solar power, and other renewable energy sources, should be a major priority of the federal government. Eighty-six percent of Independents supported the statement.

When asked which one energy source they would support if they were president, 41 percent of Americans picked solar. Solar and wind together were favored nearly 20 times more than coal (3 percent).

According to the survey, nearly three-quarters of Republicans (72 percent), Democrats (72 percent) and Independents (74 percent) favor an extension of the federal investment tax credits (ITC) as a way to encourage development of solar power and fund continued development of the technology. In contrast, only 8 percent of Americans believe the ITC should not be extended.

The SCHOTT Solar Barometer Survey was conducted by Kelton Research between May 29th and June 2nd, 2008 using an email invitation and an online survey. The Solar Energy Industry Alliance (SEIA) and SCHOTT Solar commissioned the survey.

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