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    who out there is ready to break away?

    My wife and I with our 2 year old son are ready to stop living within the system that has been set in place. We see that it is a trap that was set many years ago and has been dragging us all down. We dont want the earth to be polluted but in this busy world we have to drive, eat food that has traveled around the world to get to us and pay taxes to the very organization that is screwing us all. We are trying to find others who have come to understand that we feed the beast and it is a choice, so we need only chose not to support it.
    We have found cheap non toxic housing that anyone could set up and live in. Go to and have a look.
    We need to come together purchase land and seperate from the system.
    let me know who is with us in this time for change.
    Caleb Angela Ocean
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