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Charles DeMeo left a bequest to provide assistance to homeless mothers with young families to
  • Better learn how to provide for themselves and their families; and
  • Become full and meaningful participants of society.
The DeMeo Scholarship, one of the programs from his bequest, provides resources to accomplish these goals. It is for formerly homeless, low-income, single mothers who are:
  • currently involved with a long-term support services program;
  • currently (within the last 2 years) demonstrating educational progress towards an academic certificate, AA or BA degree; and
  • enrolled and registered as a full-time student at an accredited college or university in SonomaCounty.
Scholarships will assist mothers with maintaining both a home and an academic program by funding legitimate:
  • Core educational costs (tuition, textbooks and course-work required supplies or fees); and
  • Core household costs (rent, utilities, transportation, childcare arranged through the Community Child Care Council or another equally-established day care center.)
With a goal of long-term stability, the scholarship will provide support for up to four years of undergraduate education. The maximum individual scholarship is $5,000 per year, for four years, totaling $20,000.

Candidates (identified by long-term support services program providers) must complete a DeMeo Scholarship application form. Assessment will be based on:
  • Financial need
  • Work history
  • Academic standing
  • Volunteer work/community service
  • Extra curricular activities at school
A letter of recommendation from the applicant's support services program is required and must:
  • be on agency letterhead
  • signed by the executive director or a designee
  • state your expected date of completion of the program
  • include a counselor's recommendation
Once the overall ranking is completed, top applicants will be presented to the DeMeo Scholarship Committee for a final interview and selection.
Click here for the DeMeo Scholarship Application

For more information, please contact Dana Johnson, at the Community Foundation at 707/579-4073 x 18.