Feng Shui at Your Service

November, 2007

What shall we think about in November? The Feng Shui life area not yet addressed in a monthly letter is Children and Creativity. What might be said about that? I can usually ask for guidance and get an answer faster than Dorothy can click her red, sparkly heels together…

Today is Halloween - the day before we step into November. My daughter dressed for school in a Fairy costume; modified to a Tooth Fairy costume. Not the money-under-the-pillow variety, but rather a sort of Maintenance Tooth Fairy evident by a necklace of toothbrushes and packets of dental floss adorning her neck.

This morning was nippy. Driving to school we passed crisp orange and red trees lining the streets, and pumpkins in doorways. The return trip saw pink Princesses, pumpkins with legs, and a Capt’n Jack Sparrow starting their day. The familiar voice of DJ Brent Farris was on the radio, KZST-FM in SonomaCounty. “Do something different in your life” he says. Take a different route. Shop in a different store. When you’re waiting at a red light, look up - see something you forgot was there!

We’re surrounded! Children and Creativity are everywhere, in one form or another. This Feng Shui life area is to the center right looking in from your front door. Metal is the element, round the supporting shape, white the color, and ‘three’ the number. How do you express yourSelf? How do you have fun? What would you like to create in your life?

This is a wonderful location for a bell to ring or images of creative projects – your own or someone else’s. To summon a creative muse be sure this area is clear of clutter; then add enhancements. Experiment with an illustration of three ballet-dancing elephants from Walt Disney’s Fantasia – white tutus, of course. Set an intention to dance in a BIG, sure-footed (albeit sometimes clumsy) way into your creativity. A music box is an excellent enhancement here – the musical movement is metal, and the tune an inspiring-sound. Engage your imagination – play!

If it is a child you wish to create, enhance this area with images of a mom, dad, and baby employing the energy of ‘three’, or try two siblings and a new baby. A silver baby rattle with a pretty white bow would also energize the Chi.

When we shine a fresh light on the everyday or are nudged to ‘try it a different way’, we open to re-create our experience. This Feng Shui begins within – a child of our desire and intention.

In gratitude and with an intention to serve,
Vikki Albers