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    Discussion on Poetry and Inspiration

    Asking if anyone knows of any poetry readings and/or group meetings to share poetry.

    Also a note for finding inspiration, and in response to my introduction which, while receiving no replies in cyperspace, did receive one comment from a friend who said, "kinda personal." good job. My opinion is that if a poem is not personal, nothing is. I find inspiration by reading poetry and studying the lives of the poets I admire. This is one of my favorite quotes, from Pablo Neruda, my response to my friend, and for all here.

    "From so much loving and journeying, books emerge
    And if they don't contain kisses and landscapes,
    If they don't contain a man with his hands full
    if they don't contain a woman in every drop
    hunger, desire, anger, roads
    they are no use as a shield or as a bell
    they have no eyes & won't be able to open them."

    ----Pablo Neruda
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    Re: Discussion on Poetry and Inspiration

    I agree with Neruda on reading books for inspiration, have been inspired the last few days reading The English Patient. I also find inspiration in 80's pop/rock songs. Also, I just let my ideas flow and work on what promises to be coherent.
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