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    Artistan Co-op in Monte Rio Seeking Members!!

    This is a staus report on the new artisan cooperative
    being built as we speak in Monte Rio.

    Our space has been cleaned out, thanks to the comitted
    helping hands that have come forth with conviction,
    and we are now ready to sheetrock then paint, seal the
    beautiful authentic floor we uncovered, set lighting
    and HANG THE ART. We are looking to be set up by
    this comming weekend. Crazy you say. We know but we
    have vision. SO. . . . . . If you have materials
    that may be useful or time you want to donate come on
    down any night or day this week.

    As for the artists interested. . . .

    I am presently making appointments all day monday
    tuesday and wednesday this week to meet with you, the
    artist individually, to see your works, fill out our
    application and answer any questions you may have.
    Meeting where ever serves us both best. I will need
    to either take a photo of your work or keep a small
    example or reproduction for our files.

    Briefly, the co-op involvement will be available as
    different levels of participation. The more time you
    have to offer the co-op, (answer this to yourself
    honestly), the lower your dues will be. The two will
    reflect each other balanced equally. There will also
    be some consignment available without any required
    time commitment. Upon admittance into the core
    gallery group, a one time fee of $100 will be required
    as well as a signed commitment to your desired level
    of responsibility.

    Please get back to me before the end of the weekend to
    set up a time.
    You may email me or call 707-529-8723 leave a message
    and I will call you back asap

    [email protected]

    much love and be well

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