The intention of this group is to provide a venue for local artists,
run by local artists, to benefit the artists directly. With a high-end urban meets westcounty flair merging fresh art with everything we love about where we live, this will be entirely new and energizing in nature.


>A core membership with shared responsibilities in the gallery will
be the backbone of theCo-Op. Consignment status involvement will also be available with a percentage of sales going to the gallery, minus the store responsibilities

>The integrity of the content in the cooperative will be monitored
by a board of directors within the core membership group. New members as well as consignment will be jurried in and out. All mediums welcome with emphasis on originality and quality.

>Members will receive full price for their displayed works, be
responsible for an equal & fair share of the operating costs (rent, utilities, advertising) and share scheduled time in the gallery during hours of operation. A deposit and signed agreement of responsibility will be required upon membership approval.
>The space has been acquired with a deposit in place and first
month's rent due in september. We have the time in between to fix the joint up.

>The gallery will be in Monte Rio on the 'triangle' across from the
theater, adjacent to Bloomers garden center and the beach parking lot.

>We need interested partisipants that want to get in on the ground
floor and help build a local artisan hub to come forward.

>We need money, material donations and vounteers to give the
place a facelift. Flooring, paint, and sheetrock are our most needed materials momentarily. Lighting and display are also on the list.

> Our founding group responsible for lighting and fueling the fire
are forward moving with a flury of great ideas waiting to be implemented and built upon.
> So now you know, or at least get the gist of it. If you or someone you know is interested, or have something to offer in any aspect of this project
please feel free to contact me via e-mail.
> [email protected]
> Thank you
> Jennifer