I live in Forestville and have just heard that The Council on Aging is trying to close down the Senior Dining Site here in town, and use the funding for a new site in Southwest Santa Rosa. The Forestville Senior dining site is open only two days a week as it is. For some of these seniors it is the only time they leave their homes and have social interaction, and for others it is their only meal for the day. Closing this site that has helped give quality of life to many seniors over the past 15 plus years would be very sad and is totally uncalled for and wrong as far as I am concerned. I am not a senior yet, but approaching quickly. What is going to happen to the rest of us if we allow this to happen? There is a meeting today open to the public where the The Council on Aging is going to try to convince the Area Agency on Aging to give up the seniors in Forestville for the senior population in Southwest Santa Rosa. It is Wednesday, May 16 at 1PM at 2227 Capricorn Way, Santa Rosa (Employment and Training Conference Room) Please help support our seniors.