'Da 9-11 Truth Campaign™ To End 59 Years Of Mass Murder and Plunder For Fascist Corporate Agenda.
Jan. 15, 2007 © Abuse News #2805, by John Jenkel, da 9-11 Bounty Hunter, Graton, CA , 800-500-7083

U.S. Senate: Perform your constitutional duty!
Declare a Cease Fire in the Iraqi Jihad
to end 60 years of U.S. mass murder and plunder through
congressionally undeclared wars, or Senator Dianne Feinstein faces a death sentence.

U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico, one of the minority of 23 members of the 107th Senate, appropriately voted on October 11, 2002 against the use of military force in Iraq without a congressional declaration of war authorized by strike-first Public Law 107-243, the undeclared war act of 2002. This fascist and cowardly U.S. law is now depriving about 460 Iraqis and 2-3 congressionally betrayed U.S. troops of life per day without due process of U.S. law, and costing about $257 million in blood debt per day to fund.

According to the Congressional Record, on September 27, 2006 Senator Bingaman continued his public good support and defense of the Constitution for the United States by arguing in favor of the Spector Amendment No. 5087 to Senate Bill 3930, the Military Commissions Act of 2006. This amendment attempted to preserve the privilege of writ of habeas corpus for Guantanamo Bay detainees who are now world famous abused victims of U.S. undeclared wars for corporate gain and fascist agenda.

These "detainees" have not waged war against the United States and have not committed any U.S. crimes. They are being held simply to maintain a cover up of the organized crimes of 9-11 and 60 years of mass murder in congressionally undeclared wars.

To maintain this immense cover up, the author, John Jenkel, has been falsely jailed 10 times by the corrupt northern California Counties of Lake (1), San Francisco (1), and Sonoma (8), and his Korean war baby assistant, Mary E. Morrison, was falsely jailed in isolation by corrupt County of Sonoma for 22 days and in 11 counties in four other states for 15 days of record psychological abuse. His three other beautiful assistants, Rachel Liberty Bell, Ashley Gonzalez, and Rachel Charity Lamm have been similarly harassed but not jailed. All of this abuse has come to an end under California's new people's Attorney General Jerry Brown.

The Spector Amendment lost by only two votes. 51 U.S. Senators violated their Oaths of Office and contracts with constituents by failing to support and defend the Constitution for the United States without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. Their votes gave aid and comfort to certain domestic enemies who feed off mass murder and plunder in undeclared wars.

The Senate decided to suspend the constitutionally protected right to jury trial from accused "terrorist" detainees based on the grand fraud perpetuated by Bushists that on September 11, 2001, the United States was "invaded" by 19 al Qaeda Martyrdom Battalion goons. How could 19 sexually deprived idiots seeking paradise and 72 virgins possibly be a problem for we the people's-provided-for $385 billion per year common defense of states? We were not invaded. We were insanely attacked by mercenaries. Who paid them? Congress ignores that fact that all al Qaeda are Saudi misfits who hire out to the biggest gun.

Had NORAD not been ordered to stand-down to aid these attacks, our Department of Defense would have had absolutely no problem intercepting and deterring three hijacked commercial airliners that flew around for an extra 41 minutes. Treasonous Congress and the media know all about defense stand-down under Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and all desperately try to cover it up. The forced resignation without prosecution of record congressionally legalized mass murderer Rumsfeld is more 9-11 cover up. This cover up serves the Bush administration's corporate sponsors who want to sell Turkmenistan natural gas and oil to Communist China, India, and Japan. As usual, its all about money.

The real reason for the Senate's stripping Guantanamo Bay detainees of their basic right to a public trial is so there would be no exposure of the grand fraud on 9-11. The planned air attacks by three insanely mercenary kamikaze pilots in three jetliners on two empty commercial properties and one empty government property out of thousands of other significant properties in the U.S, could hardly be considered criminal acts against the United States. The true facts of 9-11 are covered-up and the organized crimes of 9-11 are fraudulently presented as "acts of war."

These phony "acts of war" are used to justify the current U.S. mass murder and plunder in Iraq, including the barbaric door-to door raids by U.S. troops in Iraqi neighborhoods, in private homes, to seek "insurgents" who are nothing more than Iraqi patriots wanting U.S. invaders out of their country. Here is another attempt to expose the huge conspiracy to cover up. This cover up conspiracy includes the recent staged hanging of Saddam Hussein with no video of death to aid the election of House Speaker candidate John Boehner and to take the heat off most the most impeach worth administration in history, and the staged death from coronary artery disease of Bad Boy Born-again Bush's sponsor and probable 9-11 planner, desperate Enron builder Ken Lay, again a most suspicious death. Both Saddam and Lay were top players in 60 years of CIA promoted mass murder and plunder in congressionally undeclared wars for U.S. corporate gain and fascist population management.

More cover up conspiracy can be found in the fact that Senator John McCain was quick to call the attacks of 9-11 "acts of war." Cover boy McCain made his "act of war" proclamation after Enron-sponsored President Bush consulted top Enron speculator Warren Buffet in Nebraska, probably after consulting with 9-11 planner Ken Lay in Louisiana before returning to the Capitol on 9-11.

Desperate Enron builder Lay needed to "take-out" U.S. Energy Czar Dick Cheney who was, and still is, blocking Communist China, India, and Japan from getting Caspian Basin gas and oil through a trans-Afghan pipeline over the sacred Hindu Kush Mountains. This pipeline was to be built by Bechtel Corp. for Enron. The route is so difficult to secure that 17,000 U.S. troops, 23,000 NATO troops, and 25,000 British troops in Operation Essential Harvest were brought into Central Asia between September 1 and 10, 2001 to aid CIA/Enron operative Osama bin Laden and his Saudi misfits secure the pipeline routes. 9-11 intended target VP Cheney survived and continues to block this pipeline to this day. But his days in the VP post are numbered.

Czar Cheney survived 9-11 because the planned kamikaze hijacked United Flight 93 crash would have also killed Laura Bush. Lovely Librarian Laura had been booked at Florida's Booker School "for weeks" to promote her "Read don't watch" campaign. At the last minute, while his wife running mate faced certain death, 9-11 Non-Commander Bush pulled rank, skipped town, and went to hide with children.

Enron hired CIA operative Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Bush and sponsored the majority of Congress to secure the trans Afghan pipeline routes. Enron's interest in this eastern route to Communist China, Indai, and Japan is now controlled by ChevronTexaco/Unocal. On May 4, 2005, however, Czar Cheney's pals opened their Bechtel-built Caspian Sea southwest to the Mediterranean Sea Baku-Ceyhan pipeline. After Cheney resigns to take the heat off Bush, this pipeline will eventually be sabotaged.

The Democrats are putting immense pressure on the most impeach worthy Republican president in history. 9-11 Non-Commander, attempted wife killer, and "I'm a [undeclared] war president" Bush and Bushists will be forced to give up another sacrificial goat like Secretary of Stand-Down Rumble-dumb. The next goat to go will probably be 9-11 intended target VP Cheney. China, India, Japan, ChevronTexaco/Unocal, and Bechtel are still waiting for the trans-Afghan pipeline deal. All are protected by Cheney's Bush-appointed replacement, top wheeler dealer and California's Phantom Governor Willie Brown, through his operatives including former undeclared war opponent Barbara Boxer, consistent undeclared war supporter Dianne Feinstein, top undeclared war plunder-funder Nancy Pelosi, and Secretary of State and #1 Brown Liar, Condoleezza Rice. Conde would probably have arranged for angry Laura Bush to be at Cheney's desk when Flight 93 came crashing into his West Wing window as Lay-low probably planned on 9-11 .

To take the heat off Bad Boy Born-again Bumbler Bush after VP Cheney resigns, Bush-appointed Vice President, Willie Brown will control the Senate and protect Bush as he did before the 2002 election. "He got a full 8 hr. warning" material witness Willie knew, and Congress now knows, that Bush's last minute change of someone's plan on 9-11 to take over his wife's event in Florida resulted in over 2,500 unplanned murders. He left his librarian wife in the White House to face certain planned death in the surprise attack of hijacked United Flight 93.

Phantom Boss Dem Brown's "full eight hour" warning call about 9-11 was probably from Ken Lay saying Bush blew the cover off Lay's plan by leaving Laura to be a sitting duck along with VP Cheney in the West Wing. The planned surprise attack by hijacked Flight 93 had to be scuttled because not even Wizard of Deception Willie could cover up the death of the first lady while her husband took over her gig. What ever was said in that mystery phone call caused Wizard of Deception Willie and other CalPERS directors to drop their plans to fly to New York on 9-11 to meet Czar Cheney his (our) secretive energy task force in New York on September 12, 2001.

Flight 93 was delayed 41 minutes at takeoff from Newark until a white NetJet, --whose principals include 9-11 insurance scammer Buffett and Arnold Schwarzenegger -- could trail it so USAF Major Rick Gibney could eventually shoot down the restored flight on Bush's direct order to destroy evidence of Enron's sponsorship and Bush's treachery.

Flight 93 electronically re-filed a flight plan to land at Reagan airport near the Pentagon where hijacked American Flight 77 landed and disappeared into a waiting hanger. We the people would have had four goons to ask who put them up to it. The trail would have lead directly to their sponsor Lay, Lay's operative Bush and their protector, Grand Intimidator Willie Brown.

The 41 minute delayed takeoff of "star attack" Flight 93, in turn, caused hijacked United Flight 175 and American Flight 11 to also delay their attacks on the Twin Towers. They almost collided killing time. This 41 minute delay caused over 2,500 unplanned murders of employees in the Twin Towers and 126 workers in the Pentagon Office of Naval Intelligence who would not have been to work yet had the attacks on those properties happened 41 minutes earlier.

The over 2,600 unplanned murders on 9-11 and the continuing mass murder in undeclared war legalized by strike-first Public Law 107-243 are becoming so obvious that their cover up is impossible to maintain. The following enlightening information was provided on January 10, 2007, by Marc Sandalow, Washington Bureau Chief of the $20 million Brown/Hearst horse-traded San Francisco Chronicle, the main 9-11 cover up medium of 'da Brown/Green Chinese War, Wine, and Sex Machine run by Willie Brown, 'da Wizard of Deception. It exposes more cover up.

Marc reported that U.S. Senator Joe Biden, Democrat from Delaware and new chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "said he opposed the troop increase [in the undeclared Iraq "war of choice not necessity," quoting silenced Senator Barbara Boxer on July 6, 2005] but doesn't believe Congress has the authority to end the war by cutting the Pentagon's war budget [of $2.7 billion per day of fiscal 2007] a notion disputed by some constitutional scholars.

"In fact, other lawmakers including Senator [Edward] Kennedy suggested [SUGGESTED ??] that [9-11 Non-Commander and attempted wife killer, "I'm a {undeclared} war president"] Bush may have already overstepped the authority Congress granted him in October 2002 [with evil, fascist, corrupt, strike-first, criminal, murderous and unconstitutional Public Law 107-243] when [296 members of] the House [including Representatives Tom Lantos, Ellen Tauscher, and momentary patriot John P. Murtha who is forced to hide the shoot down of United Flight 93 to destroy evidence of Enron's sponsorship of al Qaeda's 19 Martyrdom Battalion goons,] and [77 members of] the Senate [including Senators Biden, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, John Kerry, Orrin Hatch, and John McCain treasonously] voted to [criminally and unconstitutionally] authorize the use of [deadly and destructive] military force in Iraq."

The fact is that Congress has the authority to end the undeclared war in Iraq any time it wants to. But it won't declare a cease fire in a congressionally undeclared war just like it won't hold the Bush administration accountable for stand down on 9-11. We the people granted Congress to power "to declare war" in the Constitution FOR the United States. Since Congress may declare war and it choose not to, and in fact choose to use military force without declaring war, it has the duty to declare a cease fire in undeclared war. Congress may not authorize the use of military force unless it first declares war. Since Congress has the sole power to declare war, and has the duty to support and defend the 5th Amendment, it has the duty to declare a cease fire in an undeclared war that deprives about 460 Iraqis and 2-3 congressionally betrayed U.S. troops life EACH DAY and deprives thousands more of liberty and or property Each Day without due process of law, being a declaration of law.

Senator Biden can stop any troop increase in the undeclared war of choice, not necessity in Iraq by calling for a cease fire in Jihad. This will stop the killing in an unwinnable, unconstitutional war.

Jihadists will stop killing infidels IF the attacking infidels cease fire. Why won't Senator Biden or any member of Congress stop the killing that Congress started with Public Law 107-243 by saying the life saving words, "Cease fire in Jihad?" Rather than support and defend the 5th Amendment without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion as duty requires, corrupt Senator Biden and all the other 534 corporate patsies in Congress give aid and comfort to domestic enemies in certain corporations that committed horrendous crimes on 9-11 and feed off mass murder and plunder in undeclared wars triggered by 9-11 by violating the 5th and 14th Amendments and suspending habeas corpus for crimes not invasions.

Wonderfully, all of these traitors are getting very nervous because California has a new Attorney General who could become a shoe-in for the next President of the United States by holding 53 U.S. Representatives and 2 U.S. Senators accountable for giving aid and comfort to domestic enemies under California Penal Code Section 37.

All are ripe for death sentences if California's Attorney General Jerry Brown provides due process on the attached treason complaints against Dianne Feinstein, Tom Lantos, and Nancy Pelosi and eventually all 55 members of Congress from California IF Congress does not declared a cease fire in Jihad by Friday, January 19, 2007, 4 p.m. PST.

The phony acts of war on 9-11 triggered lawless undeclared war in Afghanistan for Enron and Communist China and Public Law 107-243 that violates the 5th and 14th Amendments and legalizes undeclared war in Iraq for Big Oil. Now Bushists want more undeclared war in Iran under the "flawed" strike-first policy established by Public Law 107-243. If Congress does not declare a cease fire in Jihad this week, get ready for World War III over Caspian oil and gas, the possible annihilation of Israel by Jihadists as red neck Christians watch, and the probable end of life on earth. Stay tuned