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    Mrs. Wacco's Avatar
    Mrs. Wacco
    Behind every great man...

    Got Relationship Questions? Ask Linda!

    Hi, I'm Linda, otherwise known as Mrs. WaCCO. Mr Barry, otherwise known as your wonderful Moderator, asked me if I'd like to write a weekly (or sometimes weekly) advice column, as he apparently thinks I have something to offer the community. I agreed.

    Now, you ask, why do I get to write a column, what makes me an "expert" on conscious relationship? Here are my credentials:
    I'm Barry's girlfriend (yes, nepotism is alive and well in West County). With Barry, I get to actively practice conscious relationship. All the ways of being in relationship that I've thought I'd want to be, I get to test. After a yucky marriage, I spent a long time single and developed some clear ideas of how I wanted to be in relationship and what/who/how would suit me. Now I get to practice and learn, all in great awareness and love. And, wa-la! I have a great relationship!

    :bateyes: In the single years prior to Mr. Barry, I dated A LOT! (boy, do I have stories!) and had numerous lovers. I would say I have done extensive research on male mating habits and observed and learned quite a lot. I want to share.

    I'm not your average girl and don't give basic girl advice. I'm very "male" and really see the world a little differently than most women. And a lot of women and men respond positively to my take on things.

    I'm painfully honest and direct. I'm a "what you see is what you get" kinda girl. You will never get BS here. In there is also a disdain for persistent complaining, whining, self-pity. The point is to become aware, "get off it" and move forward. I'm a great teacher, coach, girlfriend, pal, bossy bitch for getting you off. (pun intended)

    I have a sense of humor.

    I'm a hedonist. I'd like to teach more women how to be hedonists. It's a career goal, so I'm trying it out here.

    :coach: I'm a professional team leader. It is also where I get to practice being conscious. I have to deal with many different relationships, communication styles, egos, and power structures, all in a predominately male-dominated world (architecture, design and building). And I make my way in it fairly well. I'm also usually the person in an organization that people "go to" for advice or to help facilitate a difficult conversation. So my communications skills are fairly decent, people seem to listen to me and value what I say.

    I frequently hear, "you're so perceptive', or "you see things most people don't", blah, blah,blah. So I apparently have something to say that's worthy to listen to.
    Now you're asking why I'd want to write the column. Don't I already have plenty to do? The glory? What's my intention in writing this column?

    First, I intend on having fun.

    Second, I'm interested in making the world a little bit better place. I also like being in service. It's sometimes difficult being a human being. If I can inspire, help, teach, listen, tell, support or do something that may assist someone along the path, then I will have served a worthy purpose.

    Third, I think Barry and I are onto something. The basic root attraction and success of our relationship is that we are authentic and communicate authentically. We honor our true selves and accept each other as we are. We are honest with ourselves and each other. We own our own shit and if one of us doesn't, watch out, the other will call her/him on it. I/we want to share some of our perspectives that we have found very helpful and freeing in pursuit of relationship as spiritual practice (which is really what we are doing).

    Here's how it will work (at least for now):

    Please email me your questions to [email protected]. I will assume I shouldn't use your name unless you give me explicit permission to do so.

    I will accept all questions received within a week. If there's a prevailing "type" of question in a batch, I'll speak to that topic. Otherwise, I will just pick the most interesting question and post my "answer" here. All kinds of relationship/relating questions are welcome, including dating, romantic relationships, marriage and family issues, friends and co-workers, employees, employers. I may write every week, I may not…have to see how it goes with the rest of life and how many people write.

    As in life, this will be a work in progress. I also welcome all feedback and commentary.

    So, come on, don't be shy! You know the adage, there are no stupid questions. No question too big or small.

    See you here,

    Last edited by Barry; 03-25-2007 at 09:08 PM.
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