An Invitation to Townsy Cafe

This is a personal invitation to every former and current user of WaccoBB to come take a look at Townsy Cafe (and the Townsy app itself) and see if it’s your cup of tea.

There are people who will want to come over to Townsy Cafe from WaccoBB, and people who won't. Townsy Cafe is not WaccoBB.

WaccoBB accepted all posters with a loving, come-as-you-are attitude. That's what was beautiful about it.

Townsy Cafe hopes to carry on in this spirit and with WaccoBB’s mission of creating deeper community connections through the discussion of both local issues and broader cultural ideas. We also hope to keep alive the WaccoBB tradition of connecting people through housing and job boards and through the exchange of goods and services, either for free or for sale.

But there are differences. WaccoBB had its roots in the early days of the internet—a wild west of information where everything was up for grabs. Townsy Cafe has its roots in an older tradition -- journalism, which at its best celebrates curiosity in pursuit of that much maligned, almost 19th century concept, truth.

Townsy Cafe is not setting itself up as the arbiter of truth, but it does put truth – reality, as much as we can grasp of it -- as a touchstone for this bulletin board.

The scope of what I hope people will discuss on Townsy Cafe is as big as the universe: politics, history, philosophy, sociology, literature, poetry, art, music, environmentalism, morality, religion, spirituality, psychology, science, economics, farming, wine and food, birding, hunting, animal rights, gun ownership, mathematics, compassion, love, death, parenting, aging, health, pets, beauty, sorrow, joy, honor, and your own lived experience. And that's just the beginning…

The list of things that I, as the administrator of this board, will NOT provide a platform for is brief:

  • COVID-denialism
  • Anti-vax
  • White supremacy (in the stricter sense)
  • QAnon
If one of these four items is all you really want to talk about, you should find another discussion board.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a broader canvas and a deeper way to connect with your community — or if you’re just looking for housing or a job or a home for your extra garden produce, I hope you’ll give Townsy Cafe a try.

We’re really looking forward to talking with you.

Laura Hagar Rush

Founder of Townsy

The Townsy Sebastopol web app:

Townsy Cafe discussion boards:

Email: [email protected]