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    ‘Defacto Human Experiment:’ Mary + Polly Discuss Rollout of Pfizer Vaccine in UK

    ‘Defacto Human Experiment:’ Mary + Polly Discuss Rollout
    of Pfizer Vaccine in UK, Danger of Vaccinating Elderly + More

    By Children’s Health Defense
    Global Research, December 11, 2020

    In “This Week,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine-related headline news, including the rollout of Pfizer’s vaccine in the UK, concerns about vaccinating the elderly … and more.

    • This week marked the “landmark” rollout of the Pfizer COVID vaccine in Britain, starting with healthcare workers and the elderly. (After this interview was filmed, news surfaced that two healthcare workers suffered severe allergic reactions to the vaccine — read CHD’s response).
    • An article in the Los Angeles Times raised questions about the wisdom of putting the elderly, whose immune systems are notoriously weak, first in line for the unlicensed mRNA vaccines. “There’s no reason to believe these will be safe for the elderly, as they weren’t included in the clinical trials.”
    • Pfizer and Moderna claim their COVID vaccines are “more than 90% effective,” but people should know that those claims are based on inadequate testing. “They just used PCR tests, not the gold standard for testing which requires following up those PCR test results with genetic sequencing.
    • “We’re headed toward requiring an electronic COVID pass.” There’s great concern that people won’t go back for their second shot, because of the side effects from the vaccine. So countries are talking about issuing “vaccine cards” that will be available only after the second shot.
    • Given the trillions of dollars invested in these new vaccines, how seriously can we expect the medical establishment and governments to track injuries — which will look different than what we’ve come to expect from other vaccines?
    • A Tennessee lawmaker proposed a bill to prohibit authorities from forcing COVID vaccines on anyone against their will. Texas and Florida have said they won’t mandate the vaccines, but New York is flirting with the idea.
    • “We’re getting so many emails from military personnel, even people who would normally take a vaccine, who don’t want this vaccine. It’s tragic that we’re using the military as clinical trials.”
    • Vaccines are being aggressively marketed, by celebrities, by people dressed in scrubs and stethoscopes, politicians who promise to take the vaccine live on TV — there are even books for children about how Santa got his COVID vaccine. “If the vaccine is really so good, why do we need this marketing campaign?"
    • The Guardian reported that “high-value” travelers (rich people and journalists) may be exempt from 2-week quarantine. This isn’t only hypocritical, but just another moneymaker.
    • Claiming that he’s merely trying to “fill in the funding gaps,” Bill Gates is pumping more money into COVID vaccine development and distribution.

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