Hi- We are placing this ad for a friend/family member- we are looking for the perfect housemate/helper for her. To share 3 bedroom/ 2 bath townhouse/apartment in NE Santa Rosa. Great location.. Trade rent for helping.

Looking for a (vegetarian/vegan/plant based) housemate helper for our family member.

The perfect house-mate would be kind- quiet, caring and considerate, good energy and just a great person thatís super easy to get along with..
cleanliness and safe COVID practices.. No- drinking smoking, drugs or 420..

We think itís very important that you both get along real well and be friends. Especially now with COVID, very important to have real good compatibility.. So itís important to have these core values in common.

We are looking For someone to do healing work-(massage/energy work with our family member. Someone who loves to cook healthy vegan meals, LOVE animals and help with sweet companion animals, cleaning and errands and other things as needed. She is very low maintenance and a great person to be around- she is quiet, friendly and respectful...She loves to meditate, animals, artwork, nature. She has lived in Sonoma county for 35 yrs.

If this sounds like you- please let us know about you.. we will need excellent local personal references... we want this to be a great win-win situation for the two of you... have a great day