I am a middle aged dude whos lived in the same apartment for 21 years where I raised two children in the heart of downtown Sebastopol, they now live outside of the area. My landlord won't let me have a garden and I'm over it! I'm seeking a space that I can cultivate into a cozy, quiet zone, yet can still let my hair down occasionally to play some music as I cook a healthy meal in peace. My preference would be a small 2 bedroom house with a barn or workshop close by, a garden area and some land to allow for privacy, however Im open to a scenario that is different as long as I can have room (several rooms preferably) for my belongings and dedicate some time to digging in the earth and cultivating plants and trees on the property.

While I generally listen to classical music these days, I'm a retired DJ with a massive record collection that I enjoy sorting through and appreciating at times, this can be a scenario where I accomplish that in a barn/studio/workshop with room so I can paint and draw or work on my web site that is dedicated to my art.

I work full time as an essential worker in traffic safety for the energy sector/infrastructure, etc. and am a proud Union Laborer, in addition Im a devoted vegan and active member of my community. As a volunteer with several youth organizations over the years I pride myself in being a go-getter and enjoy skateboarding when time allows, having helped to create the Sebastopol SkateGarden, I dig skating there and taking in the positive energy of the youthful and vibrant space which our communal hard work lovingly built.

As a spiritual man I enjoy reading and taking in new information, I meditate regularly and am fascinated by ancient cultures and their deep understanding and knowledge. I appreciate having conversations about the unknown, esoteric concepts and how humanity can evolve peacefully and responsibly; share resources, gain deeper wisdom while remaining free and independent.