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    Save Bakhodir Madjitov.

    [email protected]

    Dear Director Witte:

    My name is ___. I am writing to demand that you stop the deportation of Bakhodir Madjitov immediately. Bakhodir is a Muslim father of three U.S Citizen children and husband to a U.S. Citizen wife. He is loved deeply by his family and community and deserves to stay in this country. Bakhodir has been in immigration detention for nearly 3 years and has never held his youngest child in his arms. He really deserves to be released while he pursues his legal cases, but at the very minimum, put him under house arrest instead of detention, let alone deportation.

    I am alarmed to hear that ICE is planning to remove Bakhodir despite the fact that he has repeatedly tested positive for COVID-19, and has several cases pending where he could be granted relief. By transferring him to another facility, ICE is violating its own guidance on transfers to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and is actively contributing to the ongoing national crisis. ICE has recognized Bakhodir as a class member of the Fraihat lawsuit that is at high risk of dying from COVID-19 because he suffers from a serious heart condition. It is absolutely egregious and murderous to deport Bakhodir.

    Bakhodir and his family have suffered enough throughout the nearly 3 years of incarceration that he has been subjected to while he fights his case. Right now, Bakhodir is not only fighting to win his case but he is also fighting for his life. I join people across the country in demanding that you stop Bakhodir’s deportation and immediately release him to his family.
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