We are a family of 4, 2 adults & 2 Teens/age 17, and our feline companions. Cats are indoor/outdoor.

Here are some details of what we are looking for in a rental:

2 Bedroom with 1 1/2 baths; bathtub/shower & toilet combo & 1/2 bath w/ toilet
Separate studio/office space; possibly a garage or shed
Laundry on the property; hookups
Kitchen w/ significant storage & countertop space; propane for cooking
Space to garden
1st Month + Deposit for move in cost

We are beginning our search now, with the intention for a move-in date between March 15th - 30th of 2021.

Location, preferably close enough to Sebastopol, so we have the option to ride bikes into town for work and errands.

If you would like to discuss potential and possible opportunities to rent to us, and you would like more details, please message privately here, and we can arrange a time for a phone consult/conversation.

Thanks so much in advance, looking forward to hearing from you.