Greetings We have a very nice, professional, clean, private massage office in Sebastopol with waiting room. There are several shifts open and available to rent at a very reasonable cost.

I know massage business has been greatly affected by Covid-19. We were completely shut down for many months, but now "medical massage" indoors with masks is permitted with other sanitizing requirements-which we do before each treatment.

"Medical massage" is considered an essential service, but a doctor or chiropractor referral is needed. These new guidelines were given July 29, 2020.

This office can also be adopted for other kinds of therapy as well. There is a desk with chair, 2 additional chairs with side table and massage table in the office. The massage table can be moved as needed-just put back before next shift.

The rate below is per shift for the entire month-Rent due 1st of the month
Shifts available:

Tues and Wedn 3pm-9pm- $60 each shift per month
Thurs 4:30-9pm- $50 per month
Fri 9am-3pm- $60 per month
Sat and Sun 9am-9pm all day $100 each day per month

Please call 808-419-1197 to discuss. Thanks, Sharon
P.S I still have Maui area code, but I am local in the area.