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    De-contaminating Boy Scouts

    It pains me to hear of the widespread child-molestation by Boy Scout troop leaders.

    Iím not really surprised, though, since Iíve learned to my grief that even a gay, Jewish, socialist man is still a man--thus imbued with habitual rapacity from earliest childhood. Please, universe, let all the perps go out of circulation and they and their victims each get whatever healing works for him.

    If I have another wish left, please let this publicity not wreck the Boy Scouts of America, which has been such a gift to so many boys.
    I have a story, not about BSA, but about GSA: When I was living in the South, where CPS is a joke, a man raped his 13-year-old niece. Her mother freaked out and started drinking again. I told a Girl Scout troop leader about it and pointed out the girlís apartment. She persuaded the mother to let the girl join the troop, bought a uniform for her and saved all the remaining years of that 13-year-oldís life.

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