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Due to the global pandemic, we are currently meeting via Zoom until further notice.

About this Event

Dear friends,
Due to the statewide mandate, large gatherings such as business networking dinner meetings inside restaurants are still on hold. Therefore we will continue to host our usual "dinner meetings" ONLINE via Zoom!
Guest Speaker
Marinda Freeman,
Licensed Spiritual Counselor
Author of The Grief Train - A healing journey of love, loss and renewal
Talk Title
Honoring Grief during an Apocalypse
- Covid, Fires and so much more
How do we address the loss we have all been experiencing? Not only the deaths of so many, but also restraints on our ability to move about freely, the missed opportunities to be with our loved ones (both near and far), or to simply give or recieve a hug.
Where do we even begin to mourn? How do we start?
There is a gaping hole in our society. We don’t talk about death. And the reality of these "permanent departures" affects the baby boomer generation especially hard with the passing of parents, spouses, friends, siblings and in some instances, children. Many people today do not have a traditional or formal way to address grief. Yet most experiencing the death of a loved one crave emotional support and are seeking ways to work through their grief and loss. Creating rituals is one way to assist in grieving - and yet even the known rituals such as funerals, wakes and memorials have drastically changed with this pandemic.
Join Marinda in an exploration of grief and mourning and what actions we can take to sooth our hearts and minds. Yes, it can feel overwhelming at times. Taking one small step at a time can make a difference. She will share with us how to create an altar for mourning and for healing. You are invited to share in an evening of love, hope, support and inspiration.
About the speaker:
Marinda is a life-long spiritual student of many religions and disciplines. A licensed spiritual counselor and teacher for over 20 years, her book, The Grief Train, a healing journey of love, loss and renewal was the result of her personal exploration of grief after her husband died unexpectedly of a heart attack. She started a blog to write about her process and discovered that friends found solace and inspiration in reading her blog. She wrote her book in order to provide a gentle, spiritual, non-religious approach to grief as a way to help others like herself.