Vaccine Mandates Violate the Right to Informed Consent

An official United Nations document published on September 14 condemns the practice of governments around the world of mandating vaccines.

It also criticizes both the UN and the WHO for acting complicity in the violation of the right to informed consent rather than upholding their mandate to protect this fundamental human right.

In the context of COVID-19 and advocacy that any vaccine that gets to market to be mandated, the document details the potential harms and regrettable lessons learned from other vaccines.

Submitted by the NGO Planetary Association for Clean Energy, the document was submitted to the UN Human Rights Council, received by the UN Secretary-General, and circulated among member nations.

The document, officially numbered "A/HRC/45/NGO/43", is titled "Vaccine Mandates Violate the Right to Informed Consent". The supporting references are listed in a separate file, which is here.



This is a Document that has been submitted to the United Nations by an NGO. It will not necessarily influence UN policy with regards to mandatory vaccinations around the world. The fact that it has been circulated among member nations is an indication that the policies outlined in the document shall be submitted to a vote by the General Assembly.

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