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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    Margie King's Avatar
    Margie King

    Español en mi patio mañana por la noche! Bring a blanket :).

    Hola,You are cordially invited to join the new session of español intermedio en Sebastopol. Our lively group is now 3 years old and working to stay together during these tough times. Amalia, nuestra profesora maravillosa de SRJC, donates her time in exchange for contributions to Undocufund Sonoma or Redwood Empire Food Bank. This is a wonderful opportunity to get out and have an enjoyable time in the neighborhood, refresh and learn more Spanish while helping out our fellow Sonomans.We meet from 6:45pm - 8:00pm at my house, 7849 Lynch Rd, a few houses down from Pleasant Hill. There's a large outdoor area where we are safely spaced with plenty of parking on my driveway. Tomorrow may be chilly so please bring a blanket. RSVP here or call me at 329-6994.Si no puedes venir mañana jueves, entonces la próxima semana?Espero verte mañana.Margarita/Margie
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