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Thread: Vote Forward
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    Vote Forward

    I got this from a friend and thought I'd pass it on:

    Hi Friends:

    I hadn’t heard about VoteForward when a friend sent the link. But I had been thinking about what I could reasonably do to help get the fence-sitters to vote. As we heard during the Democratic convention, this is the most critical action we can take if we are to win back our democracy. So I just signed up to write letters. The web link answered the questions I had, and while it will take a day or two before I’m “approved” to be a letter writer, I have made a pledge to myself to send at least 20 letters. They ask for 5, and they provide a template onto which they want us to handwrite a personal note. We have to print the letters and buy the stationery and stamps. The send date will be in October, as close to the election as possible and still make sure the PO is able to deliver them before the election. I additionally pledged to myself that I would send this to 10 others, in case you are also looking for a way to contribute that is safe and effective, and hadn’t heard about this platform. You are one of the 10.

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