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    As Fire Looms on Pt Reyes National Seashore, Captive Tule Elk Lack Water and Escape

    Wednesday, September 2nd;6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
    Where ONLINE
    Cost Free
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    Webinar & Discussion
    Wednesday Sept. 2nd at 6pm

    As Fire Looms on Point Reyes National Seashore, Captive Rare Tule Elk
    Lack Water and Escape Routes

    In a highly disturbing replay of National Park Service neglect from the 2011-2015 drought, the NPS has allowed nearly every stock pond to go dry in the Point Reyes National Seashore (PRNS) Tule Elk Preserve on Tomales Point. While the Woodward fire brings intense heat and threatens these rare, endemic animals, the elk are without their essential fresh water sources, and remain fenced-in with no escape should the fire change direction. At least five elk in the Preserve have been found dead in the past few weeks. During the drought of 2011-2015, approximately 250 of 500 elk in this area died from lack of water.

    Representing approximately 1% of their original population, Tule Elk, a California endemic subspecies are at the brink of survival. Decades have been spent restoring this species in our nearest national park at Point Reyes Seashore only to have Tule Elk once again endangered.

    In addition to the immediate threats, the National Park Service will be releasing its final plan on managing the Tule Elk. Ranchers leasing land in our national park have lobbied to have the Tule Elk shot in order to secure grazing for livestock. Will they succeed in killing off the Tule Elk?

    Join a team of conservationists, biologists, land use planners, filmmakers and local leaders to learn more about our backyard paradise and how the survival of wildlife, including the Tule Elk and other mammals, birds and marine life are being threatened by NPS policy, pollution, habitat loss and private industry.

    Presented by: JULIE PHILLIPS - Nature Based Teaching M.A. Biological Sciences focused on Wildlife Mgmt. College Instructor & Nature Based Teacher, Tule Elk Biologist and Researcher for over 35 years. Publications: A Citizen’s Guide to Tule Elk, A Teacher’s Guide to Tule Elk Curriculum and The Tule Elk Guide.

    Learn more & RSVP at:
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