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    Stand with immigrants.

    When I was four, my mother told me about the European Holocaust. My response was, "If I was one of those Germans, I wouldn't let them take my neighbors away!" So now it's put-up-or-shut-up-time.
    Did you know that 5 people were picked up by ICE this past week in our North Bay Counties?
    URGENT: Immigrant Rights Mobilization
    Vigil for Justice for Immigrants
    Wed. August 19, 5:30-7PM
    Sebastopol Rd. in Roseland, in front of the Dollar Tree
    We will form a line on the sidewalk—6’ apart—and wear masks.
    Organizers will try to provide free snacks for struggling immigrant families. If there's enough, others will get some, too.
    We demand:

    • State of CA should give economic assistance to undocumented workers affected by Covid
    • Sonoma County should condemn the recent ICE raids and pass a Sanctuary Law
    • Sonoma County should resolve the high rate of Covid infections in the Latino community
    For more information: Renee Saucedo: 707-273-2974
    Organizers include Alianza de Mujeres Activas y Solidarias (ALMAS), Graton Labor Center, the Movement, Cultural Indigenous Union, VIDA Committee, Raíces Collective, and Lideres Campesinas
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