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    Support Congregation Ner Shalom

    Congregation Ner Shalom is a reconstructionist synagogue in Cotati. Very progressive, LGBTQ friendly, etc. We just put in 3 garden beds in the back. All of our services have moved online.

    We have a full China set with 48 matching pieces and numerous art pieces for sale both Judaica and non-Judaica themed to help support our work. Willing to take offers! We have numerous art pieces. TWO ONE OF A KIND SONOMA COUNTY PIECES! You don't want to miss this.
    [email protected]
    (707) 664-8622

    Calla Lily Painting by Lynn Jaye

    2’ x 3’

    Lynn Jaye was born in London, England and has been a dedicated artist her whole life, working primarily in oil paint. She traveled the world painting and working as she went and landed in Santa Cruz, CA. Subjects of her pieces include flowers, like these lovely calla lilies. Her originals go for a few thousand, her prints go for upwards of $500. Own this large 2’ x 3’ piece with a poem on the side for $250.

    “The Gathering” Lithograph Print by Moshe Gat
    2'1" x 1'7"

    Lithograph in great condition set behind glass in a beautiful black and gold laquer frame. Internationally-exhibited Israeli painter Moshe Gat’s piece “The Gathering.” 1964-70.
    What is a lithograph?
    A print created using flat stones or metal plates. The artist creates a lithograph by drawing an image directly onto the printing element using materials like lithograph crayons or special grease pencils. After this, the drawing is transferred from the plate to the paper in multiples. A lithograph will not have dots when examined with a magnifying glass.

    CLICK HERE for a close-up view:

    As you can see, here the same thing is going for $450!! Buy it on Ebay for less!! Make an offer today!!
    Old Jew Lithograph Print by Moshe Gat

    2'1" x 1'7"

    Framed lithograph in great condition. Internationally-exhibited Israeli painter Moshe Gat is known for his evocative themes and unique painting style.

    “Early Spring Bouquet” by Peter Krohn
    1’ 5.5” x 2’
    Looks more real than a photograph!
    Northern California scanography artist Peter Krohn’s piece, “Early Spring Bouquet.” Real objects are printed onto metal with this unique medium.
    These are scanographic compositions of natural botanical objects and a special printing method known as dye sublimation which allows us to print on aluminum*. This process begins with printing dyes onto a special transfer paper. This paper is placed onto a sheet of aluminum that is covered with a clear polymer coating. These are then put into a heat press. When sufficient heat and pressure are applied, something magic happens. The sublimation dyes convert to a gas, which infuses itself through the polymer coating and bonds with the aluminum substrate.
    This results in a "must-be-seen-in-person" impression that so many people describe as "backlit", while at the same time retaining the dignified feeling of a classically illuminated still life.
    Excellent, beautiful condition.
    Western Wall 1929

    This is an historic photograph of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, 1929. It was purchased in Israel. Good condition.
    Pacific Northwest Print by Leonie Zimmerman
    Australia native Leonie Zimmerman has traveled and lived throughout the world, settling in Vancouver, Canada. This piece is inspired by the Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest. Framed in a lovely wooden style frame.

    “Oh Buoy” by Sharon Daniels-Duerr

    Sharon Daniels-Duerr won the April 2018 Art Competition for the Sonoma County Artist’s Round Table group. Her hyperrealistic style is sure to captivate. This piece features eye-catching textures and pastel colors.

    Puzzle Judaica

    This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Sonoma County local Helene Norwit elegantly glued together a puzzle and framed it.

    Marc Chagall "The Tribe of Judah"

    Originally part of a 12-tribe stained glass window commission, this is a print on paper of the Judah work. The Hebrew translates as:

    Genesis 49:8: You, O Judah, your brothers shall praise; Your hand shall be on the nape of your foes; Your father’s sons shall bow low to you.

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