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    eBook titled: The Covid / Lockdown Crisis - Alternative Information & Sources

    I have written / compiled an eBook (also available as a PDF) that is aimed at people who mostly get their news from mainstream media and would like to explore some alternate opinions and data that gives perspective to the current crisis. My book, called, “The Covid / Lockdown Crisis - Alternative Information & Sources” is full of links to information that offer a much different picture as to what is going on; links to lots of articles and videos.

    For those of you who are alternative information source savvy, maybe you’re way ahead of me. But maybe it still has something to offer.

    Below is a link to my Smashwords author page. It can be downloaded there. It's free. Pass it on.

    These are dangerous times. I have for months now observed the compliance by so many people with a form of martial law. Fear is the catalyst for the compliance. I was, at first, scared of the novel virus, imagining it lurking everywhere, having been flooded with predictions of nightmarish horror in the news.

    Thanks to some alternative news and information sources that I have bookmarked and have checked in on regularly for many years, I began to see there was more to the story.

    So I read more and watched videos, and tried to connect some dots, and learn whether the authorities who are insisting what things we must do and how necessary it is, are to be trusted.

    I think if someone’s going to tell you that you can’t walk closer than 6 feet from other humans and need to wear a mask if you dare leave your house, shuts down business so 40 million people lose their jobs, it behooves one to find out who they are and if they are to be trusted. And if they have agendas.

    Needless to say mainstream media is not telling you what is really going on.

    Trust no one outright. Ask questions. Build your own picture.

    Sending love and humanity to you all,


    The chapters in the book are:

    • Bill Gates
    • The Fear Factor
    • Data
    • Lockdown Consequences And Implications
    • Disaster Capitalism
    • United States’ Mismanaged Response?
    • More On Vaccines, WHO, CDC
    • Events And Agendas Preceding The Arrival Of Covid
    • The New Normal - What Is Already Happening
    • The New Normal - What’s On The Drawing Board
    • General Discussions On The Intentionality Of The Scam
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    Re: eBook titled: The Covid / Lockdown Crisis - Alternative Information & Sources

    Thank You, Rogue / Roger for your book - which is a service to Humanity.
    I encourage everyone in this forum to download it and to study the contents.

    The Covid / Lockdown Crisis - Alternative Information & Sources

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    Re: eBook titled: The Covid / Lockdown Crisis - Alternative Information & Sources

    The Covid / Lockdown Crisis
    -Alternative Information & Sources-

    by Roger Golden Brown

    Premise / Preface

    The premise of this book is that the compliance with a form of martial law dictated by authorities is being on the whole far too easily accepted by the masses. Some people are just prone to be compliant with authority. Others thought originally that the potential danger of a horrific epidemic sweeping across the globe warranted compliance with rules dictated by people in the know, and now, months later, believe in extreme caution as we attempt to get back to normal.

    But few seem to question whether these people deserve our trust or question if they have an agenda. These are very dangerous times and it behooves every one of us to put effort into finding out what is really going on. People, strangely especially on the left of the political spectrum, seem to have lost any kind of healthy skepticism about those in governmental power, large corporate power, Big Pharma’s power, or the agendas of the wealthy elite.

    The purpose of this book is to take an extensive look at the Covid / Lockdown Crisis. Was / is it simply a case of a naturally caused virus randomly developing at this particular time in history that turns out to be extremely deadly; so much so that it warranted / warrants drastic dramatic changes in our behavior to deal with it? Or was a nefarious plot hatched by a cabal in secret with the plan to release a virus into our midst and to use the crisis to their ends? Or was it somewhere in the middle?

    The aim of this book is to make it easy for people who are not familiar with alternative sources to go directly to sources of information via links, offering exposure to people with their own ideas, professionals offering data and their interpretation of it, and to people who are real investigative journalists; as opposed to the stenographers to power that the mainstream media has become.

    I have my own ideas (not yet crystallized into certainty) as to what is going on. And although my take on it will probably be able to be gleaned from this book, my prime intent is to comment on and to link to lots of information and many many voices who do not believe the following: that it is simply a very unfortunate chance event and that the authorities are doing what they need to and can do; in some cases being effective, in other cases ineffective, but doing it in order to keep us safe.

    In trying to learn where the truth lies, there are three things that are extremely important. One is to know as best as possible the histories and relationships of the people involved, be they the corporate movers and shakers, the media, or simply the average Joe or Jane with an opinion. The second is to look at what incentive the players have for putting forward their narrative. And, the third is to, as always, follow the money.

    One last thing. In case you’ve read this far but are thinking that you’re not really into reading eBooks, think of this as more a resource depot than a book. And, if you prefer, it is also available in PDF format
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    Re: eBook titled: The Covid / Lockdown Crisis - Alternative Information & Sources


    The mainstream media and the government spit out the phrase “conspiracy theory” like it’s poison. When
    you hear them say “conspiracy theory” or “conspiracy theorist”, it probably means they have something to hide. It means they are lying to you and want to demonize anyone who thinks that there is something else going on other than the party line. They want you to believe something and want you to dismiss dissenting alternative voices.

    Conspiracy theories are good things. It is what intelligent people do who are interested in finding out what
    is really going on and what individuals or groups might have an interest in certain outcomes. There is much in the linked articles and videos in this book that suggest there are people with agendas who hope for certain results related to the Covid / Lockdown crisis. It’s up to each person who has an interest in finding out the truth to decide for themselves.

    Trying to find out what’s really going on in this current crisis is not a whimsical endeavor; something to do
    just because it would be cool to investigate it. Unlike the Kennedy assassination, which if we finally found out the truth would change really nothing, the Covid / Lockdown crisis is ongoing with lots of future implications. In the 60’s when Kennedy was murdered there was little we could do. There were only a very few good alternative outlets (low budget magazines - Ramparts, for example) who did investigative reporting. Now with the internet it’s a different story and it behooves us to use it to form more informed opinions.

    You may have noticed that people who poo-pah alternative theories will often cite one thing that someone
    has said that is (or is claimed to be) bogus and boast that that proves they are full of it and not to be believed. People are not black and white. Just because somebody says something you don’t believe, they are not to be entirely dismissed. Likewise just because somebody says something you do believe or that resonates with you, doesn’t mean they are to be believed about everything they say outright. Use your mind, temper it with your heart, and explore the possibilities.

    There are some articles and videos that are linked to in this book by people I know really nothing about; I
    just found it interesting or revealing. There are others by people I have followed for a long time, often many years. In some cases I may mention that in the lead to the link.

    Finally, I have to say that this is soooo not complete. I have been hungry for information and reading and
    reading and watching video after video to the point that it’s really not healthy, but as much as I’ve learned (or at least been exposed to) there is so much more. And the reader might find other angles to the whole dual crisis more interesting or more important to them. It behooves us to play detective and not just accept the party line of the oligarchy that are making the rules.

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    Re: eBook titled: The Covid / Lockdown Crisis - Alternative Information & Sources

    What This Book Is / How to Use It

    This book is a resource guide for alternative Covid information. What do I mean by alternative? I mean information that is not funneled by official channels. Info that you will not be told by the World Health Organization (usually referred to simply as the WHO in this book) or by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Or by any of the mainstream media or government officials.

    It is divided into sections (chapters), each with some comment by me mixed with links to both articles and videos available on the web. And some images (some being screen shots, clippings) are interspersed.

    A note about the videos. I cannot guarantee that all of the links to YouTube videos will remain active as YouTube has been censoring lots of information that doesn’t agree with the official narrative. I have recently discovered another video site that is open and does not censor material simply because of a different opinion.

    It is called BitChute. In some cases I will provide links to both, just in case. If you find that a video has been removed, try searching for it on BitChute.

    Many of the links, to the videos in particular, are to people who have channels where they publish new material regularly. If someone’s video resonates with you, check out their other stuff.

    Some of the videos and articles I link to are one person’s take on things but many of them are the work of real journalists sharing information and connecting the dots. And many of them have links to their sources either in the article or on the video’s page. Question everything, come to your own conclusions.

    At the end of the book there is an appendix with links to most of the major sources that have served me well. Most of them I have been using as good sources of alternative information long before the current crisis began and some are new ones I have discovered during this crisis. Check ‘em out.

    Finally, one of the great things about eBooks is that they can be updated. I may be adding material or updating material over time. New updated versions will be available at the same link shown below. If you look at the very front of this book, under the copyright year, I will give the date of any update. I plan on making a section at the end of the book with any new material.

    Please pass this eBook on to others. Send people the download link below. Download this book as an eBook or as a PDF by clicking here. It’s free.

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