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    Support AB-2592 - Hearing Tomorrow 5/21 - Organic reduction of human remains

    California has joined the growing list of states working toward making natural organic reduction legal. (In other words, a form of composting.)

    California has the largest population of any U.S. state, so making an additional green death option available to its 40 million residents would have a major impact.

    The bill, AB-2592, has been covered by many publications including the Sacramento Bee, KCRW, and CBS LA, and garnered this positive endorsementfrom the LA Times Editorial Board.

    Please take a few minutes to submit a letter of support to your lawmakers. The process should take less than 10 minutes. Your letters are vital to making sure California legislators know their constituents support this bill. Alternatively consider emailing or calling. Not sure how to reach your assemblymember? Enter your address in Find Your Rep:

    For general information visit the Recompose website and/or read their mailchimp post requesting support letters:

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