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    Jude Iam

    What happens when you're bitten by a Genetically Modified mosquito?


    Tell the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District:
    Stop GMO Mosquito Experimentation in Florida!

    What happens when you get bitten by a GMO mosquito? We don't know. And that's the problem.

    Under the cover of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently approved Oxitec's application to experiment with their genetically engineered mosquitoes in Florida and Texas. Experiments will begin in Florida next month if allowed by the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD), unless you take action TODAY.

    There have been no studies done on the potential impact on human health. There have been no environmental impact studies. Florida residents and the American public have been kept in the dark as to what's going on. This is unacceptable.

    We don't know enough. But here's what we do know:

    1. GMO mosquito survival in the environment is very likely. We are being told myths at the expense of the environment and peopleís health.

    2. People havenít given their consent to being experimented on.

    3. We should be using the least toxic alternatives that donít have unintended consequences for our environment and health.

    4. The environmental impacts are still not fully assessed. What would the impacts on the food chain be? We donít know if this is safe, sustainable, or effective.

    5. Potential health impacts have yet to be studied by a third party group.

    6. While Oxitec claims its GMO mosquitoes are necessary to fight dengue fever, the company has yet to prove its technology can actually eradicate the disease.

    7. There has been no transparency. Where exactly would the mosquitoes be released? When? How many?

    8. There are no regulations, programs for oversight, monitoring, or liability.

    If something goes wrong, the consequences could be catastrophic not only for humans but also the whole ecosystem. We need more data and more public discussions before any experiments are performed. Oxitec and FKMCD need to be fully transparent with all processes.

    SEND AN EMAIL with your comment to the FKMCD today! Click and send the pre-written email. We encourage you to take the time to edit or write your own if you can.

    And please also comment with this "NO CONSENT" image on the FKMCD's Facebook page on their most recent post. Right-click and choose "Save Image As" to download. Or alternatively, post the words, "I do not consent to the release of GMO mosquitoes in Florida."
    Post to the FKMCD page here:

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    Re: What happens when you're bitten by a Genetically Modified mosquito?

    When I get these requests to post something on social media, they usually have a link that takes me right to the place to post it, so I've never had to really figure out Facebook. I managed to copy the image and get to the Oxitec page; now how do I get the image posted?
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