This is copied from a post that was in response to an article, (Erin Banco, Adam Rawnsley, Lachlan Cartwright,The Daily Beast•May 17, 2020). It is titled:
"Busted: Pentagon Contractors’ Report on ‘Wuhan Lab’ Origins of Virus Is Bogus"

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It is, to me, quite hilarious.
The only editing I did to it was to separate paragraphs, all wording and every other aspect of it is unchanged.

My sister's ex boyfriend's cousin's pool cleaner told me that Hillary, Obama and Biden made the virus in a secret lab beneath the White House which has a secret entrance from a pizza parlor down the street.

There is another secret entrance in the White House but its located in the library so Trump will never find it.

They engineered this virus in a way that will fool anyone into thinking it was made by nature, specifically bats, but it actually has Big Foot (whom we captured in 1984 sunbathing on a beach in Maui) Biden and baloney DNA.

The reason for making this virus was to attack only Trump supporters and released it in China because they were so jealous of Trumps complete, i mean Phase One China deal.

Soros funded this entire thing as an IRS employee noticed 600 trillion billion dollars on his expense account which was credited to the Bada Bing and was forwarded to FOX news who always report the truth with 100% accuracy.

HOB's (Hillary, Obama, Biden) and Fred SHAW an android who came from the future also created an antidote that has been distributed to all Democrats around the world.

Many liberal actors are part of the operation saying they tested positive and are actually partying on Jeffrey Epsteins private island in Antarctica with Jeff.

Although they attempted for the virus to have a 100% mortality rate, one of Trumps hair extensions accidentally was mixed in making the mortality rate 0.0000000000000000000001.%.

Dont be fooled by scientists, after all they are all lying about global warming just to get paid. The CO2 levels that constantly rise are the result of to many people eating Taco Bell, White Castle, and Canadian geese who do nothing but eat and break wind.

Should i mention the Firmament? No rockets can break through it and the trillions of dollars spent by many countries, and the millions of people who they claim make parts for rockets all are lying to get a great paycheck (and free Netflix for life). Any rocket launches you see are holograms which have been in existence since 2120 BC created by one sheep herder to fool another into thinking his sheep were sexy Playboy Playmates. And that is how farm sex was invented.