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    Sonoma Clean Power needs your help!

    Hi All!

    An issue is coming to Sonoma Clean Power's Board of Directors tomorrow morning. It needs to be reviewed because there are some arguable cost saving aspects. About $14 per year per customer account.

    It is all about accepting a "nuclear allocation" of PG&E's Diablo Canyon nuclear plant power. PG&E needs to unload it because it is not needed anymore with all the solar, wind, efficiency, and storage that has come online in CA over the past ten years. If the Board accepts the allocation, SCP's power mix will show about 20% nuclear for 2020. This is not what we created SCP for.

    Please send your comment today, now, to [email protected]

    If you agree that nuclear power should not be part of our local mix, please just ask them "vote no on accepting the nuclear allocation."

    Help them make the right decision!


    Update: Thursday 11:34am

    Hi Again All,
    I am very happy to report that the wonderful Sonoma Clean Power governing board did the right thing this morning and unanimously rejected the Diablo nuclear power allocation.
    Thank you to the 100+ of you who sent in comments. It mattered. And... Sometimes we win!
    If you are so inspired, please send a thank you note to your SCP representative.
    Here they are:
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