Welcome to the "Permission to be Powerful" interview series.

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I am so excited that you're here. Whether you are a potential interviewee or a listener, thank you for being in support of women's voices.

In the series I will be interviewing service-based women entrepreneurs about their relationship to the concept of power.

These women do not necessarily work with women and personal power in their businesses. Some of them work in senior care services and others with all genders.

Some work specifically with marketing and sales and others work with deeper psychological challenges. Some are in direct sales and others facilitate in-person retreats.

Some see all of their clients in person and others solely online.

What they all have in common is their own personal relationship to standing fully in their power, and a fierce desire, to rewrite the narrative of the balance of power in our world.

I have seen many podcasts in which interviewees were asked the same exact questions and many of the questions were not taken to a deeper place.

Just in case you don't already know me..

I like to play at the deep end of the pool.

These interviews will go beyond the surface level into the depths of our true thoughts and feelings and experiences..

I will be using my skills as a Therapist and Coach to go help us unravel some of the complex issues, fears and feelings women face as business owners and entrepreneurs and especially when faced with greater visibility as their businesses grow.

Go here to register to watch the series and/or to be interviewed!