Dear Sebastopolians, and WestCountyiers

Such times we are in!!

I am a local singer songwriter and I also am interested in the world today which has inspired my songwriting. In the past two years I have released two albums and my work is on most digital platforms. I was hoping to bring more of it out to Sebastopol and environs at the time that this came and I canceled my CD release concert for COVID19. As it turns out I was able to move some of my work into a new direction and took up a radio show, one that involves seeing the world now through the eyes of truth, and with a musical view. The truth is the arrow that I will follow on the show and it will avoid associating with one political side or another.

You can find my Music online at

Join me please tomorrow night! I will be having my introductory show “Backstory” On American freedom radio. The show involves a musical view on the world, and my music is written with the world in mind. I will be introducing my song “BackStory” which I wrote for the show. Joining me will be radio wizard Vinny Eastwood of New Zealand and Octaman, my mystery guest. We will be speaking about the world and the new time we are in. It would be my pleasure to have you there. 4 PM Pacific time on Its online!! Just go to the website at 4 pm Friday, March 27.

Back Story, where music meets the news on