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    New Coronavirus category

    I've created a new category for all non-local Coronavirus threads called (rather un-creatively) Coronavirus. This is will allow you to tune-in or tune-out these postings.

    Threads that have explicitly local content will remain in General Community. For now, I'm going to try to leave explicitly political posts (election considerations, political policy discussions, etc) in the National and International Politics category. I may revisit that should the distinction become too hard to uphold.

    I've subscribed everybody to the new category at the same level you are subscribed to General Community. You can change that by clicking on the "Follow" control to the right of the category. Here's a video demo.

    Now, more than ever, community is essential, and for the time being, online platforms are the safest most effective way for that to be facilitated. My intention is for WaccoBB to be a vital tool in that world, with its West County focus, active moderation, and tools that allow you to control what information you see.


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