Rise up, Darkness!

The darkness arose from within. We all thought it would descend, advance on us from outside like our science fiction movies told us. That was not to be. We were unprepared for its rise. Not that we could have stopped it. Maybe once, centuries ago, but the darkness had been refining itself, strengthening itself, scheming, preparing.

How did it come, this darkness? It came on greed. It came on avarice. Disrespect lifted the darkness. It flew on wings of untrustworthiness. Its pinions were deceit and betrayal. It sought weakness; it was well-trained in that. The container that held the darkness, the pitiful human beings cowering now, they gave master-classes in usury, in recognizing and taking advantage of innocence.

The darkness embodied itself differently over the long centuries as it refined itself. Once it was known as empire. Then it called itself Nazism and rose up as the Reich. Finally it perfected itself as capitalism and neo-liberalism and achieved its apotheosis in the New World Order. In this guise the darkness cloaked the planet, blotting out the sun with smog in China, choking the children of New York City, melting the glaciers and polar ice caps, murdering off the birds and insects. Convulsed by carbon dioxide and methane, the atmosphere warmed. Crowded, the people multiplied and multiplied, and the darkness shifted from the macroscopic to the microscopic and manifested as a virus. Having engulfed the planet from the outside the darkness erupted from within.

The darkness manifested the humans' unconscious, their fear of death and their inability to accept it. They so feared death that in their terror they loosed the darkness that now was killing them.

Star Man