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    ISO- Reliable Reasonable Car -  Reasonable

    Location:  Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, any surrounding area.
    My name is Christian, I am in need of a reliable vehicle that gets good gas mileage.The last car I got was a lemon, and I do Not want to make the same mistake again.I unfortunately missed out on a car because I was unable to get out of bed after surgery, and my son was busy Getting ready to move and the car had just sold. Too bad for me.I of Course will be using the massive $1200 stimulus check to help pay for the right car. My son, who gives me rides around town to my doctors appointments etc, is unfortunately moving to Los Angeles with his mother to explore an acting career which is fantastic and Iím very happy for them.This Unfortunately means I need a car sooner than later.I will take down this post when I find the right car. ​I am on full SSI Because of my disabled body. Itíll ís very hard for me to go around and check out every vehicle, test drive and have a mechanic check it out to make sure that it will work for me. So that is why I am asking all of you for your help in this regard.I am a father of three. They are all in college, And are not living with me, that is why I need my own car. I am in need of a reliable car that will get me back-and-forth to surgeries and doctors appointments before my surgeries. I have abdominal surgery on April 9th. I also have lower back surgery that will be done as soon as my abdomen heals.I just got rescheduled for surgery for tomorrow May 4th at 2:00. I am so grateful that I am getting my abdominal surgery as I have had to wait For 5 years in horrible pain. I am looking for a Toyota or Honda or any other car that is relatively easy to get in and out of. please, if anybody has an extra car or knows anybody ho has a vehicle that fits this description please call me or text me at707-708-9611My name is Christian Martensen and I have done everything I can to raise my children so they have the best shot at having a great life. Now I need help with a car. Thank you so much,I am always grateful for the help. Please feel free to call me or text me at 707-708-9611Thank you and warmest regards,Christian Martensen 珞珞珞
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    Last edited by housecat; 05-03-2020 at 09:33 AM. Reason: My son is moving to Los Angeles, and I need a car sooner than later
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