Mac and iPhone help in your home or small office . . .

Greetings --
My name is Mark Wiley, and I offer support, training and troubleshooting services for the Apple community of products. Whether it's a Mac computer or laptop, iPod, iPhone or iPad, I make house or small business calls to help you get the most out of your devices, deal with any issues you may have, and be there when you need support. I've been helping support the local Mac community for nearly twenty years, and have many satisfied clients in Sonoma County, and beyond.

I charge $60.00 an hour, and do work on a sliding scale for fixed and low income folks as well.

If Iím not able to resolve your problem, I can probably refer you to someone around here that can help. GO LOCAL!

Mark Wiley
mark at markofthemac dot com
Sebastopol CA

What some folks have said about my services:

-- Thanks so much for your expert help and instruction yesterday evening. I am reviewing my notes--and hope that they will jog my memory enough that I can "recreate" by trial and error those things that will be part of my routine use of this wonderful machine. And I do appreciate your offer that I might be able to e-mail you if I have a question that won't require too much of your time. Because both of us have been teachers for many many years, we appreciate your style. You would have been great in the classroom. (But we don't recommend it!) - J in Petaluma

-- Fabulous! My computer's back! Youíre worth your weight in gold! Thanks so much! - D in Santa Rosa

-- You're a genius! I owe you a lunch! - M in Sebastopol

-- Everything seems to be working perfectly - even this morning! Thank you so much! You're so hearty!! In that heat and all those hours!! AND - I really appreciate you coming so quickly yesterday! Thank you, thank you, thank you! - L in Graton

-- Dear dear Mark - I am happily sending and receiving. You are my hero. Thanks! - H in Occidental

-- Thank you Mark! It worked. I forgot about the option key...never again! You are a gem. - K in Sebastopol

-- You are the best Mac mechanic!! I am so amazed! You are my hero! - S in Windsor

-- Seriously. You are the best and I always make a point of telling folks about you!! - M in Sebastopol

-- Thank you for always being such a support for the uninformed mac users of the world. You are the best :) - P in Rohnert Park